How to build a custom scrambler motorcycle?

January 17, 2023

How to build a custom scrambler motorcycle?

After seeing in this article What is a scrambler? It's time to get down to business and find out how to turn a motorcycle into a scrambler custom.

The first step is the definition of the project custom motorcycles, knowing what we want, then we look for a base for the project, the parts and the modifications to be made to the bike. Finally we can enjoy the result.


1. Definition of the custom scrambler motorcycle project. 

Today, with the help of Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Image, there are plenty of opportunities to get inspired, research our favorite themes, and find information about scrambler custom.


Pinterest search for a "end of the world" type scrambler: : 

scrambler walking dead


The approach often used is to gather the photos that inspire us. With these pictures, we can get an idea of the style, the important elements that we want for our custom scrambler motorcycle project.

Rat's Photo found on Google Image of a typical Rat's scrambler custom. 

rats scrambler


We can make a mix of inspirations, create shapes and visuals to reach the goal.

Once our idea is clear and defined in our head, we can put it on paper, in drawing, or make a photoshop.


2. Find the base for your scrambler custom  

Once the project is defined, we look for a base that will fit our project and our budget.

The base can be the same model as one of our inspirations or a different model, it doesn't matter.

It can be a honda nx650 dominator, a classic styling royal enfield, street bikes or another types. 


Here is a complete article on the subject


3. The modifications for your custom scrambler motorcycle

We are talking here about the basic modifications in order to have a custom builds.

  • A seat
  • High mudguards
  • Off-road tires
  • Wide handlebars
  • The front headlight with a protection grid
  • The raised rear loop
  • The high exhaust
  • Suspension
  • A front wheel
  • The fork bellows
  • The other parts common to the motorcycles and other cafe racer (speedometer, handles, mirrors...)

 Read more about scramber parts modifications


4. Our favorite scrambler custom motorcycles selection

We won't talk about the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sleds and other motorcycles that come out of dealerships with the scrambler designation. We have dedicated an article to this subject.


The SR400 of Crooked Motorcycle 



We like the minimalist aspect of this preparation, the short rear with the suede seat, the LED lights perfectly integrated in the loop or the handlebar.

In the same spirit, there is the Auto Fabrica Type 20 on a Triumph base:


We like the mix of black between matte black, gloss black and satin black.

Like the Crooked preparation, this Triumph is sober, elegant and has a lot of charm. Moreover, this thick seat makes us want to take the handlebars to ride for miles.

Here is another Triumph, built by Baak Motocyclettes from Lyon (France):


It is one of the famous realizations of BAAK. We recognize their style in the choice of pieces and the choice of color which is very successful.

The marriage of this light blue and brown are very nice.

And to finish with a more unusual preparation, here is a Harley XL1200 N prepared by the Thai of K-Speed.



They offer us a scrambler custom motorcycle very worked on a base of Harley. A lot of modifications have been made to achieve this result.

We like the new tank and the typical scrambler custom seat. We appreciate this exhaust with the 2 big silencers.

Nice work on the seat and the rear loop, which is even more noticeable when you see the shape of the original frame.

For my taste, the only thing missing is a front fender. Indeed, I find this part a bit empty.

And you, what is your favorite scrambler custom bike? Tell us in comments and we will add it to this article.

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