Inverted sportster forks: the development and launch

November 15, 2023

Inverted sportster forks:  the development and launch



Installing an inverted fork on a Sportster is a radical change; it's like riding a new motorcycle. 

We have developed, tested, and validated an all-new, much sportier and more durable front end.

Our test bike is a 2012 Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight (X48).



Forty Eight Sportster


A Harley, especially a Sportster, is all about customization for easy cruising. But for those craving more sportiness, upgrading the front end allows for a versatile riding experience, from casual cruising to tackling challenging mountain passes with ease.


What is the result?


Our tested kit offers a transformative upgrade for your motorcycle, enhancing safety, agility, and performance.

With an inverted fork and radial braking system, cornering becomes confident and precise, even in the city.

This modification elevates both the aesthetics and dynamics of your Sportster, promising a thrilling riding experience beyond straight roads and traffic lights.


Why choose an inverted fork on your Sportster?

Inverted forks offer several advantages over conventional forks:

1. Increased rigidity: Providing greater stability and cornering response, crucial for racing and sport bikes.
2. Reduced weight: Lighter than traditional forks, improving maneuverability and responsiveness.
3. Suspension performance: Enhancing traction, ride comfort, and road holding, especially on uneven surfaces.
4. Aesthetics: Sporting a modern and aggressive look, appealing to many riders.
5. High-speed stability: Resistant to bending, maintaining stability at high speeds.
6. Adaptability to radial brakes: Accommodating radial brake calipers for increased braking power and modulation.
7. Improved feedback: Enhancing handlebar feel, eliminating vagueness at the front end.



    kyb forks

    We opted for Kayaba fork tubes, a trusted brand in the motorcycle industry.

    This model, with 1.7' (43mm) tubes, matches those used by Harley-Davidson on its Low Rider S and Low Rider ST models.

    Adjustable with 12 hardness levels, it suits various riding conditions.

    Designed for the Sportster's weight, it supports radial calipers with 3.93' (100mm) spacing for 12.7' (320mm) discs.

    Maintaining the original fork length, it offers 4.73' (120mm) travel, and comes in SILVER or GOLD for the legs and BLACK for the fork.



      The fork triple trees were designed and developed internally by our design office REMLAB. 


      Here is a 3D rendering image:

      sportster forks


      The upper and lower fork triple trees, along with the column, are precision-machined from solid aluminum for superior quality and rigidity.

      Finished with black anodization for durability, every detail is meticulously crafted, including Titanium screws for both the triple tree and calipers.

      Included in the kit are new steering bearings for precise fork adjustment, along with a wheel axle and spacers to seamlessly integrate with the original Harley wheel.



      To go further and brake harder.


      Remmotorcycle offers an optional radial braking kit designed for the inverted fork.

      radial brake sportster

      The kit includes 2 FJN radial calipers and 2 floating REMM 12.7' discs, specifically designed for Harley-Davidson and compatible with the inverted fork.

      These components provide the braking power necessary to fully utilize the new front end on your Sportster.

      For more details on each product, click the links below:

      Does your Sportster's front wheel have only one disc?

      The disc's reach is already present on the other side on Sportster wheels, as you can see below on the Forty-Eight model.

      sportster floatting brake disc

      In this case, you need to drill holes in the hub and tap them. 

      We offer a kit to drill and tap the second reach to install 2 discs on an original rim.

      To complete the braking, we've developed a radial lever kit + clutch for Sportster with integrated controls.


      The complete version

      If you don't want to keep your original rim, change its size, color, or width, we offer a second option: A spoked front wheel.

      inverted sportster forks

      The front wheel for Sportster was developed by REMLAB.

      It is available in 16, 17, 18, and 19 inches with a width of 1.5 to 3.5 inches. 

      Available rim colors: black, red, silver, green, gold, and blue.



      Watch a video

      Here's a riding video with the inverted fork:


      We've also developed a rear wheel to accompany the front wheel.
      The rear wheel model in the video is a 17-inch by 5.00 rim. 



      This product is compatible with all Harley-Davidson Sportster from 2008 to 2023.

      All versions: Standard, Iron, Forty-Eight, Custom, 72, etc...

      For the 883cc and 1200cc cylinders. 


      See the product sheet: Inverted Sportster Fork



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