Inverted sportster forks: the development and launch

November 15, 2023

Inverted sportster forks:  the development and launch


Today, we're talking to you about the development and launch of our inverted fork.

Our first model was designed for Harley-Davidson Sportster.


Installing an inverted fork on a Sportster is a radical change; it's like riding a new motorcycle. 

We have developed, tested, and validated an all-new, much sportier and more durable front end.

Our test bike is a 2012 Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight (X48).



Forty Eight Sportster

A Harley, especially a Sportster, is a custom. So, a bike for easy cruising, relying on torque, and braking with anticipation.

When you love the sound of a V-twin Evo, the torque of this engine, and want to ride a bit more sportily, it can pose a bit of a problem with the chassis.

Like the trend of clubstyles and performance baggers, it is possible to make a Sportster more "sporty" to fully enjoy the driving pleasure.

Thus, the idea of developing a front end that extends the application fields of this model emerged.

With a new front end, it's still possible to cruise casually, but you can also challenge your friends in the mountain passes like a roadster.


What is the result?


We have tested our kit by covering thousands of kilometers and we are convinced that it is one of the best modifications you can make to a motorcycle.

Switching to an inverted fork with radial braking is truly incredible.

With this setup, you can "lean" without fear of uncertain braking and take corners confidently. The motorcycle has a much more precise front end.

In the city, it makes a difference too; the bike is agile, more responsive, and brakes.

The changes are on all fronts:

  • Safety
  • Look
  • Comfort
  • Stability 


Switching from a standard fork to an adjustable inverted fork and a radial braking system equivalent to high-end racing bikes totally transforms your motorcycle's dynamics.

You can finally fully enjoy the performance of a Sportster outside of straight lines and traffic lights.

Even if you're not looking for sportiness, this kit will bring you more safety and a much less tiring cruising experience.

In addition to improving suspension and braking performance, installing this product changes the look of a Sportster. The term "Sport" in its name takes on its full meaning.


Why choose an inverted fork on your Sportster?


  1. Increased rigidity: Compared to conventional forks, inverted forks generally have greater torsional rigidity. This means they have better stability and better cornering response, which is particularly important for racing and sport bikes.
  2. Reduced weight: Due to the use of less material to achieve the same strength and rigidity, inverted forks are often lighter than traditional forks. This reduces the unsprung weight of the motorcycle, improving its maneuverability and responsiveness.
  3. Suspension performance: By allowing a more linear movement of the spring and shock absorber, inverted forks can improve suspension performance. This can enhance traction, ride comfort, and road holding, especially on uneven roads.
  4. Aesthetics: Many riders may appreciate the modern and sporty appearance of inverted forks. They give the motorcycle an aggressive look, which for some can be a decisive factor.
  5. Great stability at high speed: Inverted forks are ideal for motorcycles that reach high speeds because they offer better resistance to bending, maintaining stability at high speeds.
  6. Adaptability to radial brakes: Inverted forks are often designed to accommodate radial brake calipers, which increases braking power, modulation, and heat dissipation. Additionally, on a Sportster, you upgrade from a single 2-piston caliper to dual radial 4-piston calipers.
  7. Better feedback: The combination of inverted fork and radial braking changes the feel at the handlebars; the front end is no longer vague. 



We chose Kayaba as the brand for our fork tubes.

KAYABA is a reputable brand in the motorcycle industry that offers very good products.

Manufacturers like Triumph, Ducati, or Honda, Yamaha (among others) equip their bikes with Kayaba forks. 

The chosen model has 1.7' (43mm) fork tubes. This is the same diameter that Harley-Davidson installs on its Low Rider S and Low Rider ST.

This model is also adjustable, with 12 levels of hardness adjustment.

You can adapt the suspension to your riding environment.

The fork is set for the weight of the Sportster and its passengers.

The Kayaba fork legs have caliper support for radial calipers with a spacing of 3.93' (100mm) on the left and right for 12.7' (320mm) discs.

The fork length is the same as the original Sportster fork to maintain the model's construction parameters.

The travel is 4.73' (120mm) instead of the original 4.14 (105mm).

The fork legs are available in SILVER or GOLD. The fork legs are in BLACK.



The fork triple tree is a component that connects the fork tubes to the frame.

The fork triple tree consists of:

  • Lower fork triple tree
  • Upper fork triple tree
  • Steering column
  • A spacer
  • A screw for the column

The fork triple trees were designed and developed internally by our design office REMLAB. 

The fork triple tree is specifically designed for the Sportster.

Here is a 3D rendering image:

The set of upper fork triple tree, lower fork triple tree, and column is entirely made of aluminum, machined from solid for increased quality and rigidity.

For the finish, we chose a black anodization, a premium finish for long-term resistance.

With attention to detail, as nothing is left to chance, all fixing screws are made of Titanium in black (triple tree and calipers).

We have added new steering bearings to the kit to adjust your fork perfectly.

The set is completed with a wheel axle and spacers to fit perfectly with the original Harley wheel.



To go further and brake harder.


Remmotorcycle offers an optional radial braking kit designed for the inverted fork.

The kit consists of 2 x FJN radial calipers and 2 x floating REMM 12.7' discs.

This kit is specifically designed for Harley-Davidson and for this inverted fork.

It will give your Sportster the braking power it needs to appreciate this new front end. 

To learn more about these products, click on the links below to see the product pages:

This is a caliper made of machined aluminum, equipped with 4 forged and ventilated pistons of 32mm and high-resistance pads. 


Created by REMLAB, this disc is both beautiful and performance. It combines a support and 6 attachments in machined aluminum. The braking plate is made of steel S42020. 

Does your Sportster's front wheel have only one disc?

The disc's reach is already present on the other side on Sportster wheels, as you can see below on the Forty-Eight model.

In this case, you need to drill holes in the hub and tap them. 

We offer a kit to drill and tap the second reach to install 2 discs on an original rim.

To complete the braking, we've developed a radial lever kit + clutch for Sportster with integrated controls.


The complete version

If you don't want to keep your original rim, change its size, color, or width, we offer a second option: A spoked front wheel.

The front wheel for Sportster was developed by REMLAB.

It consists of a hub designed and developed by REMLAB in machined aluminum and a rim also machined from solid aluminum.

It is available in 16, 17, 18, and 19 inches with a width of 1.5 to 3.5 inches. 

Available rim colors: black, red, silver, green, gold, and blue.


By choosing the radial brake kit and the front wheel, you have a complete front end, ready to install plug and play that will radically change your bike.


Watch a video

Here's a riding video with the inverted fork:


We've also developed a rear wheel to accompany the front wheel.
The rear wheel model in the video is a 17-inch by 5.00 rim. 



This product is compatible with all Harley-Davidson Sportster from 2008 to 2023.

All versions: Standard, Iron, Forty-Eight, Custom, 72, etc...

For the 883cc and 1200cc cylinders. 


See the product sheet: Inverted Sportster Fork



Do you have another bike, another model?

Do you have a BMW, a Royal Enfield, or even a Triumph ?

REMLAB can create a custom inverted fork for your bike.

Contact us.




Our kit is an excellent way for those who were hesitant to change their bike. Buying a newer model is often much more expensive, too "modern" for many.

We offer you the opportunity to update your favorite bike to enjoy it for a few more years!

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