How to prepare a YAMAHA 125 VIRAGO Bobber?

November 01, 2023

How to prepare a YAMAHA 125 VIRAGO Bobber?

Why convert a Yamaha Virago 125 into a Bobber?

There are many reasons to convert a Yamaha Virago 125 into a Bobber, and here are just a few of them:


  • Personal aesthetics :

Esthétique bobber

Bobbers have a distinctive, streamlined style that attracts many motorcycle enthusiasts. Transformation allows you to personalize your bike to suit your aesthetic tastes.


  • Personal expression :

Bobber art

Motorcycle customization is a form of artistic expression. It allows motorcycle owners to show their creativity by designing a unique look for their Virago 125.


  • Performance enhancement :

Bobber performance

By removing non-essential elements and modifying the configuration, you can potentially improve the bike's performance, notably by reducing weight, adjusting the suspension and adding our 2-in-1 carburetion kit for your Yamaha Virago.


  • DIY (Do It Yourself) projects :

projet moto personelle
For mechanics and DIY enthusiasts, transforming a motorcycle into a bobber can be an exciting and rewarding project.


  • Cultural heritage :

Bmw héritage R5
Bobber styling has historical roots in motorcycle culture, and some people want to pay homage to this history by turning their bike into a bobber.


  • Recovery of old motorcycles :


The Yamaha Virago 125cc is a classic motorcycle. By transforming an old Virago into a bobber, you can give it new life and preserve it for future generations.

It's important to note that transforming a motorcycle into a bobber involves modifications and technical adjustments. To do this, you need a minimum of tools. There are plenty of tutorials available on the Internet (Forum, Youtube, Remmotorcycle after-sales service, etc.).

You can also have your Remmotorcycle parts fitted by a professional.



How to turn your Yamage Virago 125 cc into a real Bobber?

If you dream of transforming your Yamaha 125 Virago into a stylish Bobber, you've come to the right place.

But if you'd like to build your own 125cc bobber on a different basis, you'll find some good advice thanks to this article "THE BEST BASES FOR MAKING A 125 BOBBER."

In this article, we'll guide you through the key steps to creating your own customized motorcycle Bobber-style.

Do you really know what a Bobber is? Not to be confused with the Chopper style, which is very similar (mainly with its extended forks).

We had already anticipated this question with our full article available >here<.

As you'll have gathered, the "Bobber style" is stripped of all super flow.




Remove any large body parts that don't match your Bobber 125 customization, such as :

Bobber Spare parts



Now you're lighter! But now you'll have to choose your new parts.

Remmotorcycle offers you a wide choice of parts for Bobber 125 Virago.

Here's our selection (click on the part name to open a new bobber parts page):



Vintage headlight

 phare avant bobber


 feu arrière virago

Remmotorcycle mini flasher

 clignotant virago



Gas tank

réservoir virago 


 garde boue virago

Electrical Round box

boite rangement yamaha virago 

Battery box

support batterie yamaha virago 

Side plate support

 Support immatriculation virago

Driving position:


Cluch & Brake levers

poignée frein et embrayage virgo 

Vintage grip

 poignée yamaha virago


 guidon bobber virago

Solo seat

selle solo yamaha virago 

Remmotorcycle control switches

 Commandes moto bobber


 repose pieds yamaha virago




Bobber wheels

roue moto bobber 

Suspensions :


Fork gaiter

 protection fourche bobber

Shock absorber

suspension yamaha viragoMuffler


Exhaust silencer

echappement moto homologué


And for those who really want to make a difference, here are two must-haves for the perfect Harley Davidson bobber:


For the perf' :


Caburetor kit 2in1

stage 1 yamaha virago 

Just for style:


Springer Fork

 fourche yamaha virago bobber


Assemble your selection of parts.

If you have any questions about assembling your parts, please contact our after-sales service: > SAV-REMMOTORCYCLE <







Read our recommendations:

Remmotorcylcle not only helps you with your project, but also puts your work in the spotlight. So why not share your Bobber realization with us in our customer preparations >CLICK<


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