November 24, 2021


The modification of a motorcycle into a bobber is something highly appreciated by customization enthusiasts.

The bobber is a return to the motorcycle's essentials, the transformation of a motorcycle into a pure preparation. 

The HONDA Shadow is one of the ideal motorcycles for creating a bobber. As we have seen, a custom-type motorcycle is the best base for creating a bobber.

The Shadow is an affordable base with a durable Vtwin engine and a wide range of customization possibilities. 


Our selection of the most beautiful Shadow Bobbers

Finally, we have made a selection of our favorite Shadow bobbers:

The Japanese-style shadow bobber by LNSPLTBLVD:

The rat's Shadow bobber: 

shadow bobber rats


We also like sport bobbers like the one from  Voodoo Custom Cycles 

Sport Bobber Shadow VOODOO


The very clean bobber with a classic style:

Shadow 600 bobber

How to prepare your Shadow into a Bobber?

It is important to know that there are several aesthetic modifications that make a motorcycle a bobber. As we discussed in this article, a bobber has technical characteristics that define it.

We will go through how to transform a Shadow custom into a bobber.

REMMOTORCYCLE offers a selection of parts specially designed for Shadow 600.

Balloon tires

The vintage-looking balloon tires add a touch to the bobber style. 

Unfortunately, this will affect the motorcycle's handling. We do not recommend this type of tires for those who ride their Shadow every day or often in the rain.

White-wall tires are also tasteful on a Shadow:

pneu flanc blanc shadow 600

 You can find them at most tire dealers. 

The fuel tank

The fuel tank is an essential element of bobber preparation. There is a wide variety of tank types.

Here are some models designed for Shadow 600: 


Réservoir Bobber / Chopper HONDA VT SHADOW 600

The basic PEANUT model is the most popular tank for transforming a Shadow into a bobber.

Here is the result mounted on the Shadow:

shadow 600 réservoir


SPECIAL SHADOW Tank with Gauge


The SPECIAL tank features a fuel gauge on the right side as well as a fuel outlet on the right side. It is ideal to combine with an offset carburetor. This reduces the "tank-carburetor" distance and contributes to the look of the bike.

Marked Flanks SHADOW Tank

In a different style and with a larger capacity, here is a model of 14 liters, rather rounded, with marked flanks. It has more character than the original model. 

This allows for a different style, as most Shadow bobbers have a peanut tank.

shadow 600 tank

Type 2 HONDA VT SHADOW Bobber / Chopper Tank

Here is a truly original model, few Shadow bobbers have a tank of this type. It truly fits the bobber theme and has the rounded style of Wassell Peanut tanks. 


The handlebar


One of the most popular handlebars for bobber owners is the flat curved handlebar.


Installed on the Shadow : 


Z-bar handlebar


Straight handlebar :  


Rabbit Ears handlebar:

Guidon Rabbit Ears Shadow 600 Chrome


New in 2024 for the 600 Shadow, a handlebar ideal for creating a Japanese-style bobber.


The seat

The solo seat is one of the most important elements of a bobber.

To install a solo saddle on a Shadow, you can modify the original frame to fit the seat.

You can also use our seat bracket of this type:

support de selle


Choose the solo saddle to suit your taste. There's a wide choice of models available, with horizontal, vertical, checked or seamless seams, in brown, black, white, red etc...

Here's a selection of models:


Solo seat black diamond stitching

selle shadow 600

Horizontal seam seat

selle shadow 600 bobber


REM MOTORCYCLE seats are made by hand.

REM MOTORCYCLE also offers custom-made seats so you can have the one that's right for you.



Here's a differentiating element that enhances the bobber look of your Shadow: the 90° pipe and carburetor for Shadow.


Please note that this type of product requires adjustment. We recommend professional installation.

To go with this carburetor, a vintage-style filter provides the perfect look:

bobber 600 shadow REMMOTORCYCLE




Spoke wheels

Spoke rims are the rims to use on a bobber. This is already the case on a Shadow.

jante shadow 600


The rims used are generally 16". On a Shadow, you can keep the 15" rear rim and fit a smaller rim at the front.

This can be done by adapting a rim from another model, using a new 16" rim and adapting it, or by re-spoking the original rim.

Remmotorcycle will soon be offering a 16" rim for the front.

The hardtail  

The next step is to modify the softtail frame with a hardtail. In other words, modifying the original frame into a rigid one.

The Shadow specialist in the USA offers a 3-piece kit for converting your Shadow into a bobber:


The springer fork

The finishing touch to the bobber is the springer fork. Its retro styling transforms the bike and creates a unique bobber.

springer shadow

Available in long and short versions. It installs with the original rim without modification.

A top-of-the-range aluminum version is now available.

Kit bobber Remmotorcycle

Remmotorcycle offers a complete kit to build a truly special Shadow 600 bobber. The kit includes a Springer fork, rigid frame with motor mounts, 2 16" rims with vintage 16-5.00 tires, sprocket and chain, aluminum footpegs, front and rear brake assembly, pedal linkage, round box, battery box.

kit bobber shadow 600 remmotorcycle

Where to find Shadow Bobber parts

TJ Brutal Customs: American specialist in VTX and Shadow 600. Many unique parts specially designed for Shadow. has some unique parts for Shadow, as well as a selection of universal parts for making a bobber.

HONDA SHADOW 600 & 400 - Blue Collar Bobbers : This shop specializes in bobber parts and offers a wide selection of parts and kits for the Shadow 600.

Honda Custom Motos ( Some interesting parts for Shadow, such as the rear mudguard.

Honda Shadow VLX600 - BobberCycle: The rear mudguard kit is one of their stand-out parts.

Shadow Bobber tuners

There are several specialists in the field of Shadow preparation.

Eric(@casacustoms). Photo Facebook

Honda shadow bobber (@vlx.bobber) 


 DeathWish Bobbers (@deathwishbobbers)


 Davey Jones (@daveee_jones)


 Motorcycles (@lnspltblvd) 


How much does a Shadow Bobber cost ?

The price will depend on the base model used, the modifications made, the parts installed and who does the preparation.

A simple bobber can be built for $3,000 if you buy a $2,000 base model and install the parts and modifications yourself.

A complete model built by a professional tuner can cost up to $7,000 - $9,000.

Build your own bobber or buy a ready-made model?

The advantage of making your own bobber is that you get a bobber that reflects your image, that you've imagined and that you're proud to build.

The limits of this option are our mechanical skills, the time required and the cost.

Buying a pre-built bobber can be a good option to save time and energy, and can be cheaper than building it yourself.

The hard part will be finding a bobber that suits your tastes.

Here are just a few examples of ready-made bobbers on sale:

Shadow 600

Source: Leboncoin

Beautiful preparation sold at 4950€.

Here's another wiser model:

shadow 600

Source : Leboncoin

Of course, even if you buy an already transformed Shadow, you can add to or modify the preparation.

Where to find inspiration?

To find ideas for your shadow bobber, there are special Intagram pages for bobbers on Shadow


𝙷𝚘𝚗𝚍𝚊 𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚍𝚘𝚠 (@hondashadow_600)

HONDA bobbers, thats why!🇯🇵 (@shadowbobber)

You'll also find what you're looking for on Pinterest.

We invite you to follow ongoing preparations on Shadow to get motivated, tips and ideas during your prep.


On YouTube, here's a complete preparation by Do It With Dan:


Here, too, is a timelapse from the chopper / bobber specialists at LNSPLTBLVD:

Vous pouvez suivre également bobberpsycho un youtubeur qui possède un Shadow bobber. 


Where can I find help to prepare my bobber? 

Honda Shadow Forums and facebook groups. 


Are you tempted to prepare a Shadow Bobber?

In which style would you like to prepare it?

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