Custom Motorcycle Seat

December 27, 2023

Custom Motorcycle Seat



Why Choose a Custom Motorcycle Seat?


A custom motorcycle seat is like a tailored suit, but for your bike.

It's specially designed to fit your body shape, providing optimal comfort during your rides.

You can choose the style, color, and even add custom features.

It's a way to make your bike unique, reflecting your style while enhancing your riding experience.

You may have heard about our REM LAB service, which allows you to create everything you need for your bike.

In this article, we'll explain how to make your choice when ordering a custom motorcycle seat.


What Are My Options?


Customization options for a custom motorcycle seat are diverse. Here are some common choices:

  • Materials: Choose the seat covering material, such as leather, vinyl (PU leather), or other specific materials (suede, fabric, etc.). Consider your usage, for example, suede or nubuck is not recommended for a bike that is frequently exposed to rain and UV rays. PU leather (faux leather) is now very durable with finishes very close to full-grain leather. It is also more affordable. Mixing materials is entirely possible, such as a combination of leather and "alcantara".
  • Color: Customize the color of the seat covering to match your bike's style. We offer a wide range of colors. Feel free to send us photos of your bike so we can help you choose.
  • Design and Stitching: Choose specific stitching patterns, perforated patterns, inserts, or other design elements to add a personal touch. We offer classic stitches parallel or diamond-shaped.

Simple Parallel Stitching:

Diamond Stitching:

Double Parallel Stitching:

  • Embroidery or Logos: Add embroidery, logos, or personalized names for a unique touch. We can display your name, nickname, or your crew's name!
  • Comfort: Customize the shape and density of the foam for optimal comfort. Think about your own comfort or that of your passenger.
  • Height: Adjust the height of the seat to fit your size or your riding preferences.
  • Additional Features: Integration of specific features, such as storage pockets, luggage attachments, a removable passenger seat, etc.


  • Overall Style: Harmonize the seat with other bike accessories, such as the tank, handles, etc.


As you've understood, the goal is not only to make your bike more comfortable but also to reflect your personality and style through the wide choice of materials and stitches.


How to Take Measurements?


To have a custom motorcycle seat made, it's important to take precise measurements to ensure an optimal fit. Here are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Length and Width: Measure the length and width of your existing seat or the seating area on your bike.
  2. Height: Measure the height from the base to the top of your seat.
  3. Rider's Position: Consider your riding position—whether you prefer to sit back or lean forward.
  4. Passenger Seat: If you're customizing a passenger seat, take measurements for it as well.
  5. Additional Features: If you want specific features, note them down for customization.
  6. Pattern: One of the best ways to avoid mistakes is to create a pattern. To do this, use a piece of cardboard that you will cut until you obtain the perfect dimension. This cut corresponds to the base of the seat (bottom of the seat). You can then easily measure your template. Be careful to take into account the material overlap, which will slightly increase your dimensions.

 Sample customer plan :


The Cost?


The cost of a custom motorcycle seat depends on several factors such as the materials used, the complexity of the design, and additional features. Expect around a hundred dollars.

At Remmotorcycle, we strive to remain competitive and stay within your budget. We guide you from A to Z in your project to provide you with the best advice.


Some Creations to Inspire Your Customizations


Two-Seater Motorcycle Seat (dual material):

 two-seater motorcycle seat leather alcantara

Solo Motorcycle Seat

solo bobber seat 

Solo Motorcycle Seat with "Retractable" Duo Option


Cafe Racer Seat

cafe racer seat

Flat Track Seat

tracker flat track seat


Aluminum Motorcycle Seat



You've got it – no need to wait until the seat of your bike is worn out to decide to replace it! You can submit your request via email, providing us with as much information as possible (photo, dimensions, example, etc.)  >here<


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