REM LAB, What is it?


A place dedicated to the design and creation of custom parts for custom motorcycles.


This workshop stands out for its role as a design and engineering office, offering specialized services for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to customize and enhance their machines:

  • Custom Seats
  • Handlebars
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Suspension
  • Electrical Systems
  • Braking Systems


Our workshop has acquired all the skills to offer you a choice of several types of materials: aluminum, leather, stainless steel, titanium, carbon, fiber, hydraulic, and electrical.


The workshop positions itself as a space where personal projects come to life, thanks to a team of competent and creative professionals.


Motorcyclists first and foremost, we bring your projects to fruition with an expert technician for technical advice. A designer to model your projects and ensure feasibility. Finally, we have retained over the years a panel of trusted suppliers, primarily composed of artisans.


The experts at REM LAB work closely with you to understand and implement your ideas.


We first take into account your needs and preferences to create unique pieces that reflect your personality.


The services offered include custom part design, craftsmanship, as well as technical advice to optimize the performance and aesthetics of custom motorcycles.


Whether it's creating custom tanks, artistically designed seats, stylized fenders, or other unique elements, REM LAB is committed to turning bikers' dreams into reality.


As a design office, the workshop emphasizes innovation and quality in the design of each piece, using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.


Passionate riders looking to express their individuality through their motorcycle will find in REM-LAB a dedicated partner to bring their ideas to life and create truly exceptional machines.


You can already find some of our projects available on the website.


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