Universal 45° DB Killer Size 1.88 in 48 mm


  • Universal motorcycle DB Killer
  • Reduces sound
  • Removable
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable sound power
    External diameter








    Reduce the volume of your exhaust with this DB killer


    The  "DB killer ", which literally means "killer decibel" are basically aid used for reducing its exhaust up to acceptable limits of decibels  that will be comfortable for your ears and those of law enforcement.


    This is generally a long perforated tube which extends along the flow path exhaust . The exhaust gas passes therethrough, wherein the pop exhaust is attenuated due to the narrowing of the path.


    The exhausts originally installed have DB killer  pre-installed and are designed to reduce the sound of the exhaust gas , which also helps to create a pressure against the valve, which also increases volumetric efficiency motors .

    Thus, according to the builders, not the standard exhaust of use also reduces the life of the engines .... Hence the additional advantage of using a DB killer motorcycle.

    From a standpoint legal , the decibels produced by motor must match the original information of the bike. Information available on the registration card and on the nameflat of the vehicle.

    Our exhaust baffles  motorcycle has the distinction of having a removable part after the DB killer. This removable part  allows you to adjust the best sound volume you want to have on your motorcycle.

    Note that the two screws BTR type provided with the baffle  are screwed onto the DB killer. For a bike that tends to vibrate a lot, we recommend adding a nut brake to make sure not to lose the removable part and the DB killer motorcycle.

    This is the outside diameter, it must be smaller than the inner diameter of your exhaust . This means that if your exhaust has an inner diameter of 1.41 in (36 mm), you must choose the model 1.37 in (35 mm).

    For exhaust  with intermediate sizes, we recommend using the smaller size. The exhaust gases can escape more but it still will reduce the noise. That is, if your exhaust has an inner diameter of 2.04 in (52 mm), you must choose the model 1.88 in (48 mm).

    You can take a model long  and cut if necessary depending on your tests.



    Color: grey /brut

    Outside diameter: 1.88 in (48 mm)

    thread size: 0.23 in (6 mm)/ M6


    Note : Available within 7- 11 days