Seat brown type 2 raised metal bottom 19.68 in or 23.62 in (50 or 60 cm) with buckle With or Without LED


  • Handmade
  • Base seat aluminum
  • Materials for the test of time
  • Comfortable seat
  • Can fit all models
  • Lenght
    U frame type
    U Frame wide







    Discover this beautiful seathandmade. It is composed of foamvery comfortable, seat backgroundaluminum and a PU coatingto the parallel seams.

    Coatingis extended by an elastic strip to protectthereof, it is not damaged at the Punching.

    Indeed, this Seatis superior, coatingis punched on the seat bottom in aluminum.

    Seathas four screws on the rear part to be attached to a carrier.

    seatis raised at the back for a stunning effect. It combines perfectly with a raised U frame.
    subframeis plain steel. Ready to installedand painted.
    The U frame is available withor withoutLED strip integratedand two different idths 8.85 in or 9.25 in (225 mm or 235 mm).

    So for you to choose the best of these elements so they are perfect for your motorcycle.

    How to choose the size of the seat?

    The choice of the length depends on Projectand use.
    In fact, if you often run at 2, it is better to choose the seat 23.62 in (60 cm) . Thus the driver and passenger will comfortable.
    Also, if your project is a "small" motorcycle-type 125 cc, it is better to choose the model 19.68 in (50 cm) to not break the line of the bike.

    With or without LED?

    This choice has an importance on the style of your bike.
    LED strip integratedin the U frame brings a touch of modern, while minimalist. This helps remove the rear lights and indicators can be considered unsightly to some.
    For others, this set will fit in perfectly with flashing lights and put on a fender aluminum.
    This is a matter of taste, each style.

    U frame size?

    The choice of the width it plays visually.
    In fact, it depends on whether you like the U frame is the same sizethe seat and follows the line of it by adopting the U frame of 225 mm and 22 mm diameter.
    Or if you prefer that the U frame slightly aboveof it to give a more rugged side, stronger frame.

    Another matter of taste.


    • Length:  19.68 in or 23.62 (50 cm or 60 cm)
    • width: 7.67 in (19.5 cm) side fuel tank 22 next U frame
    • Seat height: 2.55 in (65 mm)
    • Material: Aluminum seat bottom foam + + PU coating
    • Color: brown

    U frame
    • Length: 21.65 in (55 cm)
    • Width: 8.85 in or 9.25 in (22.5 or 23.5 cm)
    • Tube diameter: 0.98 in (25 mm) for the U frame of 9.25 in and 0.86 in (235 mm and 22 mm) for the U Frame:8.85 in  (225 mm)
    • Material: steel
    • Color: brute

    Installation examples:

    Seatis independent of the U frame, it is not attached.
    So you can install the seatand other elements as desired.
    It is possible to install attachmentsseat on the U frame on request.

    U frameis raw, we recommend you sand it and paint it.

    If you hesitate between the seat type 1 and type 2 seat, here's a article for you

    Note:The seat is produced to order. The production time is currently 10-20 days.