Seat brown scrambler motorcycle with rear U frame and LED motorcycle lights

X0011JWR6H + X001146RIL

  • Save € 19 by buying this set
  • Give a new look to your bike
  • Perfect finish for the back of your bike
  • U frame curved along the line of the bike







Discover all seat+ long back U frame with lights and LED turn signals integrated.

This set can be mounted as a realization cafe racer, scramblerbratstyle.

These products arehand.

So we offer a allin order to get your bike to a unique lookand you get a discount by purchasing these products together.

The batch consists of 3 parts:

- seat with 3 supports.

- a flat long U frame with compartment for LED strip

- LED strip 48 already attached LED


The seat is made of foamvery comfortable, seat backgroundplastic and a PU coatingparallel seams.

Coatingis stapled to the seat bottom. It is of higher quality, it is expected to last over time. It is brown with an effect that gives it that particular hue.

Seathas 6 screw, two screws on the front part and 4 screws on the rear part to be attached to the 3 metal supports.

U frame:

In order to align the back of your bike between the seat and frame, it is ideal to change the back U frameto purify closing part of the bike. This will greatly enhance the look of the bike.

U frame integrated LED strip, it removes the original lightsunsightly and make the bike more minimalist. Indeed, LED stripto delete your taillightyour flashing. Indeed, it has the flashing, taillightsand fire STOP.

Our U frameswith the compartment for the LED stripare handmade and work finishedis carried on.

long U frameto replace the original U framewhen it is not flat or not appropriate to change the seat.

U frameis curved to better monitor the line of the seatand be more easily installed on the frame.


Long U framemay be installed on the beam of the frame of the bike or on the motorcycle frame. It is necessary to weld the U frame for a better result.

Seatmoved on the U frame. The seat has 3 seat holders.

U frameis provided with seat brackets installed above upon request.

The LED strip is easily installed by plugging the son of the rear lights and STOP, and turn signals.



  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS and PU coating base

Seat Dimensions Image

U frame


LED strip:

  • Number of LEDs: 48 LEDs
  • Power: 3W

LED stripis already fixed.

Wiring connection LED strip is as follows:

  • Red brake lights
  • White: sidelights
  • Yellow: left turn
  • Green: Flashing right
  • Black: negative


It may be necessary to install a resistorsfor the lights. Do not hesitate to seek advice.

The LED strip can be changed by scrolling LED belt flashing on request.