REMM 2.0 HD Handlebar Control - 22MM


  • High-Quality Manufacturing
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Complete Model
  • For 22mm (7/8") Handlebars
  • Registered Brand and Design
  • Sold in Pairs








Discover the new pair of vintage motorcycle controls for your bike.

Here are the new controls developed by REMMOTORCYCLE.

We have improved the controls thanks to your feedback, your experience, and our technical skills.

Thus, we are proud to present a better product, more attractive, more practical, more functional, and more unique.

The modern and minimalist pair of controls, with a registered design, has been specifically designed for our solution.

What is a motorcycle control?

The control is a component mounted on the handlebars that allows control of the motorcycle's electrical elements.

Why change the controls?

Original controls are often unattractive, bulky, and made of low-quality materials; few manufacturers offer well-crafted controls.

What are the differences with the REMMOTORCYCLE V1 control version?


  • No unsightly protrusions
  • No visible screws
  • Reduced size
  • Harmonious design


  • Redefinition of functions (e.g., right turn signal Harley Davidson style)
  • Larger and streamlined sliding button
  • Turn signal in push-button style

Examples of REMMOTORCYCLE control installation:


What are the functions of REMM 2.0 HD controls?

The left control, also called motorcycle turn signal control, is composed as follows:

  • A button for the horn
  • A switch to activate the high beams
  • A button for the left turn signal

And on the rear part, an additional button is installed and can be used for flash-to-pass (reset-type button) - Or optional self-locking (choose the variant).


The simplified right motorcycle control consists of:

  • A start button
  • A button for the right turn signal
  • A kill switch

And on the rear part, an additional button is installed and can be used for the odometer, for example (reset-type button).

The design of REMM 2.0 HD controls

It is a product of high craftsmanship. They are made of CNC-machined 6061 aluminum.

The controls are installed on a 22mm (7/8") handlebar.

No wires to install, no buttons to solder, no sheath to slide:

The wires are installed in a braided sheath.

You can install them on both sides, left and right.

How to install REMM 2.0 HD controls?

Installing the controls is simple. Just replace the original controls with the new ones and connect the wires in the same way as the original controls, and you're done.

An installation guide and wire correspondence are provided.

My original turn signal controls work with a 3-position switch, what should I do?

You need to install the controls with the Axel Joost "Multi Flasher Relay" module to enjoy push-button turn signals.

The installation is simple, and installation instructions are provided with the controls.

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Why change the operation of the turn signals?

Push-button turn signals, try them, and you'll adopt them.
More practical, easier to use, more attractive, here are the arguments in their favor.

Thanks to the Axel Joost "Multi Flasher Relay" the turn signals can stop automatically, and a hazard function is added.

  • Quick press on the turn signal button: 4 flashes, and the turn signals stop automatically.
  • Press of 0.5s to 1s on the turn signal button: 30 flashes, and the turn signals stop automatically.
  • Press longer than 1s, permanent turn signal activation.
  • A new press turns off the turn signal.
  • Pressing the left and right turn signal buttons simultaneously activates the hazard lights.

Are REMM 2.0 HD motorcycle controls compatible with my bike?

These universal controls can be installed on all motorcycles and ideally on your Royal Enfield, your Honda, your Triumph, your Yamaha, your BMW, or any other brands with a 22mm handlebar.

In case of doubt, ask us for advice.

Dimensions in the image:


Sold in sets of 2 / per pair.

Made to order within 10 days.

Example of installation on Royal Enfield Continental GT:

Switches RE
Switches remmotorcycle RE
Handlebar switche royal enfield