Harley-Davidson Performance Brake Kit


  • For a Braking Harley
  • Good Value for Money
  • High Compatibility







The Performance Radial Caliper and Bracket Kit for Harley-Davidson is a high-quality brake upgrade solution designed for Harley-Davidson owners looking to significantly enhance the braking performance of their motorcycle.

  1. High-Performance Radial Caliper: The 4-piston radial caliper is made of lightweight aluminum for maximum rigidity. Its radial design allows for even pressure distribution on the brake pads, thus improving braking efficiency.

  2. Robust Bracket: The included bracket is custom-designed to fit your Harley-Davidson model perfectly. It is precision-machined from solid aluminum to ensure a solid and secure attachment of the radial caliper.

  3. Compatible Disc Brakes: This kit is compatible with the original front disc brakes of your Harley-Davidson. It requires no major modifications to the wheel or hub. It is compatible with 292mm (11.5inch), 300mm (11.8inch) discs and 320mm REMM floating discs.

  4. Braking Performance Improvement: The use of the radial caliper allows better heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating during prolonged braking. It also offers better modulation of brake pressure, resulting in more precise response and powerful braking.

  5. Customizable Style and Finishes: Available in a variety of finishes and colors (on request) to match the aesthetic of your Harley-Davidson.

  6. Easy Installation: The kit comes with all the necessary components for easy installation. Spacers, caliper, and bracket screws are provided.

  7. Compatible: The caliper is compatible with the original Harley master cylinder. Although we recommend combining this kit with a radial master cylinder for even greater performance.

Why install this radial brake kit:

  • Significantly improves braking performance.
  • Reduces the risk of brake overheating.
  • Allows precise modulation of brake pressure.
  • Custom-designed for a perfect fit.
  • Enhances safety on the road, especially in demanding riding conditions.

Kit Composition:

  • Aluminum Caliper Bracket
  • Radial Aluminum Caliper
  • 2 Titanium Caliper Screws
  • 2 Titanium Bracket Screws
  • Set of Aluminum Spacers


The kit has been tested by a team member on a Softail before being released to ensure the quality and durability of the product.

Brake pads are available on our website.


This kit is compatible with the entire Harley-Davidson lineup: Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring.

If in doubt, contact us via the chat at the bottom right, by email, or by phone.

Available in 7-10 days.