Handle switch REM V2 3P


  • High manufacturing quality
  • Solid-cut aluminum
  • Registered trademark and model
  • Complete model
  • Pre-wired
  • For 7/8" or 1" handlebars
  • Sold in pairs







    Choose the new Handle switch Remmotorcycle for your motorcycle

    Handle switch are the parts that group together the motorcycle's electrical controls. They're an essential part of the riding experience, as motorcyclists use them all the time.

    Replacing them is recommended for a clean, uncluttered and functional cockpit.

    Original handle switch are often ugly, bulky and made of low-quality materials, and few manufacturers offer beautifully crafted controls.

    Discover our complete pair of motorcycle handlebar switch controls. They're made from CNC 6061 aluminum, cut from solid.

    Features of Commodo Moto V2 Simplified Complete Aluminum

    handle switch functions

    The left-hand commodo, also known as the motorcycle blinker commodo, is composed as follows:

    • A button for the horn
    • A high beam switch (autolock button)
    • A 3-position turn signal switch

    And at the rear, an auto-reset button that can be used for headlight flashing.

    Handle switch function 

    The simplified right-hand motorcycle switchgear consists of :

    • A start button
    • A free button that can be used for lights or warnings  (autolock button)
    • A circuit-breaker switch.

    And at the rear, an auto reset button that can be used for the speedometer, for example.


    Installation of the handle switch REM V2 

    Handle switch control can be installed on 7/8" or 1" handlebars.

    Unlike other models on the market, the wires are wired and inserted in a beautiful braided sheath.

    They can be installed on either side, left or right.

    Installation is simple. Simply replace the original switches with the new ones, plug in the wires in place of the original ones, and you're done.

    The product is supplied with wire connections for installation.

    You don't need to wire anything to the universal switch - the wires are already installed.

    These handlebar switch control are universal and fit all motorcycles such as:

    • Royal Enfield
    • Honda
    • Triumph
    • Norton
    • Yamaha
    • Kawasaki
    • Buell
    • Brixton
    • And many other brands


    • Quantity: 2 (pair)
    • Materials: Aluminum
    • Compatibility: Universal, 7/8" or 1" handlebars
    • Width:1.14 inches
    • Height:2.4 inches
    • Depth:1.45 inches


    Example of installation from a customer :


    Detail V1 vs V2

    Improvements made :

    • Removal of visible screws
    • New button shape: larger, easier to use
    • Improved ergonomics
    • High-quality switch
    • New design


    Note : Made to order