Custom Aluminum Saddle with LED Flashing Loop


  • Custom Design
  • Metal Saddle Base
  • Time-Tested Materials
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Made for Your Motorcycle
  • Handcrafted






    Discover one of our finest saddle creations, a set featuring an aluminum shell saddle with a removable seat and an elevated long loop with an integrated LED strip.
    The shell is meticulously crafted by hand and takes several days of work to complete.
    It comes in a raw finish, with optional polishing, varnishing, or painting.
    The seat is crafted by our artisan saddler and can be customized to your liking. This includes choosing the type of stitching, thickness, and color.
    The seat is removable and is screwed onto the aluminum shell.
    The loop is available with a standard LED strip, a flashing LED strip, or without an LED strip.
    The loop and saddle can be flat, not elevated like the presented model.

      Adjustable Elements Include:

      - Desired Coating Color:
      You can choose from the saddle colors on the website, or if you have a specific request, you can provide a photo. We have a wide range of colors not displayed on the site.

      - Material:

      The base coating used is PU (faux leather) for its durability and low maintenance. Optionally, the coating can be in black or brown leather or black suede. Please inquire about suede before selecting this material.

      - Saddle Shape:

      Whether you want a uniform saddle, a flat saddle, or a raised rear in a cafe racer style.


      In the best case, you will need to provide a drawing/plan of the saddle with dimensions (Width/Length/Height). This can be done on paper or digitally. The drawing should also indicate the locations of the screws to attach the saddle.


      Desired Stitching Type:

      • Simple Parallel
      • Rhombus / Diamond
      • Double Rhombus / Diamond
      • Double Parallel

      Here is an example of a custom aluminum saddle:

      First Step: Project definition with the client.

      Second Step: Development of plans and various elements (created by the client)

      Third Step: Crafting the aluminum shell by our artisan

      Fourth Step: The shell is handed over to the artisan saddler for the seat creation.

      Note: The seat is removable.