motorcycle handlebar switches 1" REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0


  • High quality manufacturing
  • ALUMINUM model
  • Complete model
  • For 1" handlebars
  • Registered trademark and design
  • Sold by pair
  • Can be use on Harley-Davidson







Discover the new vintage motorcycle handlebar switches for your bike.


These are the new REMM handlebar switches.

Thus, we are proud to present you with a better, more attractive, more practical, more functional and more unique product.

The modern and minimalist pair of handlebar switches, with a registered design, has been designed specifically for our solution.


What is a motorcycle handlebar switch? 

The handlebar switch is a part mounted on the handlebars that allows to control the electrical elements of the motorcycle.

Why change the  motorcycle handlebar switches ? 

The original commodos are often ugly, bulky and made of low quality materials, few manufacturers offer beautifully made controls.

Examples of REMMOTORCYCLE switch installations:



What are the functions of the REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0 switches?

The left-hand switch, also known as the motorcycle switch, is composed as follows:

  • A button for the horn
  • A switch for the high beam
  • A button for the left turn signal.
  • And on the rear part, an additional button is installed and can be used for the headlight calls.


The simplified motorcycle switch on the right is composed of:

  • A start button
  • A button for the right turn signal
  • A circuit breaker switch
  • And on the rear part, an additional button is installed and can be used for the speedometer for example.

REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0 switches design


The frame of the 1" (25mm) model is made of ALUMINUM.
The push buttons and sliding buttons are made of aluminum.

The commodos are installed on a 1inch (25 mm) handlebar.

No wires to install, no buttons to solder, no sheath to slide:

The wires are installed in a braided sheath.

You can install them on both sides, left and right.

How to install the handlebar switches REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0 ? 

Simply remove the original products and replace them with the new ones.
Connect the wires in the right place following the installation guide provided.

My original turn signal controls work with a 3 position switch, how do I do it?

You need to install the commodos with the Axel Joost "Multi Flasher Relay" module in order to take advantage of the push-button flashers.

Installation is simple, installation instructions are provided with the convenience lights.

Why change the way the turn signals work? 

The push-button flashers, try them, you adopt them.
More practical, easier to use, more attractive, these are the arguments in their favor.

Thanks to the Axel Joost "Multi Flasher Relay" module, the turn signals can stop automatically and a warning function is added.

  • Quick press on the flashing button : 4 flashes and the flashers stop automatically.
  • Pressing the flashing button from 0.5s to 1s: 30 flashes and the flashers stop automatically.
  • Pressing the flashing button for more than 1 second will turn the flashing light on permanently.
  • Pressing the button again turns off the flashing light.
  • Pressing the left and right turn signal buttons at the same time activates the hazard warning lights.


Are the REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0 motorcycle switches compatible with my bike?

These universal commodos can be installed on all motorcycles and ideally on your Harley-Davidson, your Honda, your Triumph, your Yamaha, your BMW or any other brand with 25mm / 1inch handlebars.

If in doubt, ask us for advice.

Dimensions in pictures:



Note :

Sold by 2 / by pair.

Produced to order.