Assembly kit drum to disc brake

This assembly guide helps correctly assemble the parts of the kit together.

The kit contents may include an excess of screws and hardware.


Step 1:

Prepare the hub by pre-screwing the 6 screws + 6 nuts as shown in the photo below:

Step 1

You can then attach this hub in place of the original brake drum. Approach all screws evenly and firmly before tightening the lock nut against the hub.


Step 2:

Assembly of the system.

- Using two screws each equipped with a flat washer plus a spring washer, attach the brake caliper to the bracket as follows:

Step 2

Step 2b


Step 3:

- Prepare the lower fixing using two large screws. Place a nut on each of these screws. Both nuts will be used to properly secure the rear brake master cylinder.

- The last screw at the end of the brake support will allow you to attach the kit's tension rod to the motorcycle chassis (locks the system's rotation).

Step 3

Secure the rear brake master cylinder using two additional nuts:

Motorcycle Rear Brake Cylinder Mounting


Step 4:

Installation of the brake pedal linkage.

Short version (use a single rod that can be cut if necessary):

Step 4

Long version (using the extension. Move the spring and washer then use a nut plus a lock nut to secure the spring on the extension):

Motorcycle Brake Linkage


Step 5:

The kit is ready.

Reinstall the wheel with the new hub:

- Place the O-ring on the inner shoulder:

Step 5

- Position the protection flange (the markings on the seal should face you):

Step 5B

- Attach the disc using the 4 screws with blue threadlocker (the markings on the disc should face you):

Step 5c

- Use shims and washers to center the rear wheel

- Install the bracket equipped with the master cylinder and the caliper before reinserting the wheel axle:

Final Step

- Attach the brake fluid reservoir, the pedal linkage, and the tension rod to the chassis.

You just need to bleed the system using DOT4 fluid before enjoying effective braking!