Assembly Instructions for Remmotorcycle Floating Disc Brake

Installation, Mounting of Remmotorcycle Floating Discs for Motorcycles


Difficulty Level: 

2/5 (Easy)

Required Tools:

Flathead Screwdriver or Needle-Nose Pliers


Kit Contents:

- 1 Floating Disc (track)

- 1 Floating Disc Carrier

- 6 Floating Rivets

- 6 Flat Washers

- 6 Spring Washers

- 6 Clips (E-clips)

REM Floating disc set


Step 1

Important: Washers and clips are always located inside the wheel (inside the disc).

Work flat on a table or workbench


Step 2

Identify the installation direction based on the disc carrier and floating rivets


Step 3

Insert all floating rivets:

Step 1


Step 4 

Place flat washers first

Step 2 floating disc


Step 2b bike disc


Step 5 

Position spring washers over flat washers

Step 3 bike floating disc


Step 6

Secure floating rivets using E-clips. Use a flathead screwdriver and push behind the E-clip. You can use needle-nose pliers for easier handling. 

Ensure the clip rotates around the rivet. This means the E-clip is securely in place.

Repeat for all rivets.

final step floating bike disc


Rem motorcycle floating disc

Important Note: When installing the disc on your hub, remember to tighten the screws with thread locker and torque the screws to the manufacturer's specifications.