Yamaha Cafe racer exists!

March 20, 2024

Yamaha Cafe racer exists!

In this article, discover a selection of the most beautiful Yamaha Café Racers. First turn with a brief introduction on the origin of café racers then a straight line on the iconic models in Yamaha's motorcycle range due to their design and influence on motorcycle culture. Finally, explore our selection of café racer parts for your Yamaha.


The History of Café Racers

Cafe Racers or Coffee racers emerged in post-war Great Britain. Young bikers sought to escape the monotony of everyday life by participating in illegal motorcycle races. They transformed their stock bikes into stripped-down machines, removing all excess to produce more power and speed.


Cafe racers are not limited to the United Kingdom. This trend quickly spread worldwide, influencing generations of riders passionate about customizing their bikes to make them unique and powerful.


Yamaha and Café Racers

Yamaha holds a special place in the world of café racers.

The Japanese brand has created famous models adopted and modified by Yamaha and café racer motorcycle fans.

Here are some of the most well-known models:


Yamaha XS650

The XS650 is undoubtedly one of the most beloved motorcycles among café racer enthusiasts. Released in the 1970s, this bike quickly gained a reputation for reliability and performance.

Yamaha xs650 cafe racer

This Yamaha XS650 was customized by Cognito Moto. The entire front suspension has been replaced by an inverted fork equipped with radial brake calipers.


Its air-cooled inline twin engine delivers generous power, while its robust chassis allows agile handling.

xs650 cafe racer

You'll find even more photos of this superb XS650 customization. The finishing work is remarkable!


Many café racer fans have customized the XS650 to make it an elegant and stylish motorcycle, highlighting its classic and timeless look.


Yamaha SR400/500

The SR400/500 is another Yamaha motorcycle that has captured the hearts of café racer enthusiasts.

SR500 cafe racer

We chose to show you a glimpse of the customization by Lossa Engineering on this Yamaha SR500 base.


With its minimalist design and iconic single-cylinder engine, the SR400, SR500 embodies the café racer aesthetic.

yamaha sr400 cafe racer

A simple and refined motorcycle customization worthy of a café racer transformation. SR 400 or SR 500, no doubt you'll have the right bike to make a cafra.

Its mechanical simplicity makes it an ideal base for customization projects, allowing owners to express their creativity and imagination.


Yamaha XSR900

Although more recent than the classic models mentioned earlier, the Yamaha XSR900 also deserves a place in the café racer pantheon.

xsr900 cafe racer

Auto Fabrica came in strong! UFO on the horizon, this Yamaha XRS900 doesn't go unnoticed. Love it or hate it, but one thing's for sure, the work done is completely insane!


Launched in 2016, this motorcycle combines the retro charm of classic café racers with modern technology. With its inline three-cylinder engine and sporty chassis, the XSR900 offers dynamic performance coupled with vintage style.

xrs900 yamaha café racer

Another café racer customization by Auto Fabrica, this time still within the codes of this preparer but with a Yamaha XS 750 base from 1976.


Many owners have customized their XSR900 to give it an authentic café racer style. They have added leather seats, clip-on handlebars, and custom exhausts.


The Café Racer Culture Today

Today, the café racer culture is more dynamic than ever.

Events for café racer enthusiasts take place everywhere, bringing together enthusiasts to celebrate speed, style, and individuality.





Social media allows Café Racer motorcycle owners to share their culture with the world. They can showcase their bikes and their travels.

New Yamaha Models Transformed into Café Racers: A Blend of Innovation and Tradition

Café Racers are becoming increasingly popular. Motorcyclists worldwide are eager to customize their bikes to showcase their unique style.

Yamaha, renowned for its quality motorcycles, offers recent models perfect for transformation into Café Racers, thus following the current trend.

Here are some recent Yamaha models transformed into Café Racers, blending modernity and heritage to create exceptional bikes.

Yamaha XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 demonstrates how a modern bike can become a stylish and high-performing Café Racer.

yamaha xrs700

Unique XRS700: Ironwood Custom Motorcycles collaborated with TW Steel Watch Company to offer this limited-edition bike, associated with your watch's color scheme.


With its 689cc inline twin-cylinder engine and agile chassis, the XSR700 provides a solid foundation for customization.

Many owners have customized their XSR700s by installing clip-on handlebars, solo seats, and custom exhausts, giving their bikes a retro and sporty look.

xsr700 café racer

The entire exhaust system was custom-made with a progressive diameter to connect to the SC Project muffler.


One of the most appealing aspects of the XSR700 is its versatility.

Whether you're looking for daily commuting in the city or attacking mountain bends on weekends, this bike is ready for any challenge.

yamaha café racer

The front end of this build comes from a Yamaha MT10 and has also been lowered.


By transforming the XSR700 into a Café Racer, you can add a touch of classic style to an already high-performing machine.

Yamaha MT-07

The Yamaha MT-07 is another modern bike that lends itself well to transformation into a Café Racer. With its 689cc inline twin-cylinder engine and lightweight frame, the MT-07 offers agile and enjoyable riding.

Many owners have turned their MT-07s into Café Racers. They've changed the handlebars, added a solo seat, and incorporated retro elements like round headlights and short fenders.

The MT-07 is appreciated for its reliability and ease of riding. It's a popular choice among motorcyclists, whether they're beginners or experienced riders.

Transform your bike into a Café Racer to give it more style and personality while retaining its exceptional performance.

Can a Yamaha XJR be transformed into a café racer?

Absolutely! The Yamaha XJR café racer is an excellent base for a Café Racer transformation.

yamaha xjr cafe racer

roCKS!bikes, a company managed by two Portuguese partners, transformed this Yamaha XJR into a café racer by reusing an inverted fork from a Kawasaki ZXR paired with Brembo braking system. The focus of this build was weight reduction, as was done in the early days of café racer racing.


With its classic lines and powerful engine, it offers enormous potential to create an elegant and high-performing Café Racer. Here are some aspects to consider when transforming a Yamaha XJR into a Café Racer related to our choice of parts:

  • Fairing and Seat Design: You can opt for a simple fairing or remove it for the Café Racer look. A streamlined and narrow solo seat can be installed to accentuate the retro look and improve the bike's aerodynamics.


  • Replace the original handlebar with a lower, flat handlebar to adopt a sporty and aggressive riding position. This modification suits the Café Racer style perfectly.


  • Custom Exhaust: Install a custom exhaust to enhance performance and add character to your XJR Café Racer. Short and angled exhausts are often favored for their distinctive sound and retro aesthetics.


  • Round Headlight: Commonly used, the round LED café racer headlight combines style with safety. Modernize your bike with its lighting power while adhering to café racer codes.


  • Paint and Decoration: Painting is a crucial aspect of Café Racer transformation. Personalize your XJR Café Racer by choosing vibrant or classic colors. Add metallic or retro details to give it a unique look.


Of course, customization doesn't stop there. The list is long, and remember that the choice of parts on your bike is yours and allows you to reflect a part of yourself on your bike. To awaken your senses, visit our shop www.remmotorcyclce.co and search by inspiration to discover a selection of parts based on your style:

xjr1300 café racer
The SCREWMONKEES transformed this XJR into a classic and sleek café racer. High-end equipment was installed to make the bike more agile and performant.


In conclusion, the Yamaha XJR can be transformed into a superb Café Racer with the right modifications and a bit of creativity. Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast or just starting out in customization, turning a Yamaha XJR into a Café Racer will be a fun and rewarding experience.

Their combination of reliable performance and iconic design makes them a popular choice among café racer enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of café racers, a Yamaha café racer offers an unparalleled riding experience coupled with timeless style.

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