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May 30, 2024

triumph bobber

Between tradition and innovation, the Triumph Bobber asserts itself as a true masterpiece of the motorcycle industry.

The history of the Triumph brand and its legendary heritage.

Triumph Motorcycles, an iconic British brand, was founded in 1885 under the name "Triumph Safety Cycle Co.". Initially, the company manufactured bicycles, but it quickly turned to motorcycle production by 1902.

From its inception, Triumph distinguished itself with its passion for innovation and commitment to quality. The brand saw rapid success throughout the 20th century, becoming one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers.



The modern Triumph Bobber is a true masterpiece of design and technology. Its neo-retro style is inspired by the Bobber models of yesteryears while incorporating modern and sophisticated elements.

Its minimalist design is accentuated by clean lines, a round LED headlight, and a minimalist taillight. The large fuel tank and the rear bobtail are distinctive elements that give the Bobber a unique and recognizable silhouette.

triumph bobber

Technically, the Bobber is equipped with a 1200cc twin-cylinder engine delivering 77 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque. This engine offers generous power and torque, providing thrilling sensations with every acceleration.

The chassis is designed for optimal maneuverability, with a sturdy steel frame and supple suspension. The Bobber is also equipped with high-performance brakes and a standard ABS system, ensuring maximum safety.

In terms of performance, the Bobber is an agile and responsive motorcycle, perfect for rides on winding roads as well as urban commutes. Its low riding position and low center of gravity provide precise control and a feeling of freedom.

The most beautiful Triumph Bobbers


Thornton Hundred Motorcycles X Triumph Bobber

An essential name in Triumph Bobber customization, Thornton Hundred Motorcycles, located in Castlethorpe, United Kingdom, is a custom motorcycle workshop led by Jody Millhouse, an experienced motorcycle enthusiast. The workshop is renowned for its unique and bold creations based on the Triumph Bobber.

Jody Millhouse and his team combine creativity, craftsmanship, and traditional manufacturing techniques to create unique motorcycles that reflect the personality of each owner.

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles offers a wide range of services, from complete motorcycle transformations to custom part manufacturing, antique motorcycle restoration, and the sale of accessories and equipment. The workshop also provides courses and training for those interested in learning how to build their own custom motorcycles.


Here is one of their latest creations:



In the realm of notable modifications, one notices the inverted fork, carbon wheels, chain kit, and twisted exhaust.

They have also created a model with 300 horsepower:


A veritable missile.





Hookie Co. is not just a customizer, but a motorcycle design studio pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.



Hookie has developed a series of bolt-on parts, allowing anyone to easily customize their own Bobber at home. The stunning transformation of a Triumph Bobber, named "Orca," relies on a unique and standalone solution called "Moto-Kit."

This kit includes a new custom handlebar, a new fuel tank, a new tank cover, an Alcantara solo seat, and a 7-inch LED headlight with custom mount.

The bike is also equipped with a Zard exhaust, new lights, new electronics, a Motogadget Tiny speedometer, bar-end mirrors, and benefits from a blacked-out engine cover and details.




Vagabund Moto, a renowned custom motorcycle workshop, partnered with ClassicBike Raisch, a German Triumph specialist, to create the limited edition RxV Triumph Bobber.



The RxV is a decidedly modern version of Triumph's popular Bonneville Bobber.
It sits on Takasago Excel spoked wheels of 17 inches fitted with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires.

A bold neo-retro design:

  • The seat combines an upward curved steel frame with an Alcantara seating and an integrated LED taillight.
  • The headlight is housed in a Polyamide 12 fairing and equipped with a Highsider LED beam.
  • A black ceramic Remus exhaust completes the aggressive look.

Meticulous details and Vagabund signature:

  • Lowered handlebar, aluminum tank cap, and Motogadget Motoscope Tiny speedometer.
  • Raisch front fender, petal discs, LED turn signals, and black fork with integrated turn signals.
  • Characteristic Vagabund livery: matte and glossy black, subtle logos, and touches of yellow.

Price and availability:

The RxV Triumph Bobber is available in limited series at a price of $38,675  (approximately €35,000).



 The Lyon workshop BAAK took on the 2020 version of the Bonneville Bobber 1200 and turned it into a superb machine. But this project goes beyond mere aesthetics.

The goal of BAAK was to make the Triumph Bobber more "authentic" while adding a bit of their DNA. 

BAAK chose a "Springer" style spring fork (more common on Harley-Davidson) and designed and machined a fork yoke kit to fit it. They also machined a new steering column and a new front wheel axle, as well as various brake parts allowing them to retain most of the original braking system.

The rear shock absorber was replaced by a custom unit, co-designed and manufactured by Shock Factory in France.

A striking visual element is the addition of disc wheels, called "Moon wheels" by Julien. They were ordered from an American manufacturer and are mounted with Avon Safety Mileage MKII tires.

They replaced the airbox system with more efficient filters and installed new stainless steel headers and aluminum silencers.

Transmission is now done by a low-maintenance belt, developed by the Italian company Free Spirits.

The electrical wiring was more delicate because the removal of the bulky original airbox revealed a large portion of the original cable harness. BAAK thus fabricated a leather cover to conceal it all.

Clever details also include compact LED turn signals, a rear fender hugging the tire, a luxurious new leather seat, and a discreet mirror under the handlebar. Even the license plate holder is perfectly integrated into the construction.


Remmotorcycle helps you prepare your Triumph bobber. Here are all our available parts for Triumph Bobber.


Preparing your Triumph Bobber

How to Prepare your Triumph Bobber in Sport / Muscle Custom Style?


A sport/muscle custom is a more aggressive custom style. 

To make a Triumph bobber more sporty, here are the recommended parts:

  • The Seat:

Triumph Bobber Seat

  • The Rear Fender

Triumph Bobber Rear Fender


  • A Brake Kit

Triumph Bobber Radial Brake Kit

  • Undertray License Plate Holder

Triumph Bobber Undertray License Plate Holder

  • Monza Cap

Monza Reservoir Cap for Triumph Bobber Twins

  • Xpipe

Triumph Bobber Xpipe Exhaust

  • LED Rear Lights

Triumph Bobber Integrated Rear Light


With these elements, your Triumph bobber will have better braking, better sound, and a more racing look. 


How to Prepare your Triumph Bobber in Classic Style?

 If you want to maintain the classic look or improve the overall style of the bike, here are our recommendations. 

  • A Passenger Seat

Triumph Bobber Removable Passenger Seat


  • Retro Front Face

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Integrated Front Light Indicator Counter

  • Tank Leather Set
  • Triumph Bobber tank protection

    • Retro Cap

    Monza Reservoir Cap Triumph Bobber T100

    With these accessories, you enhance the look of your Triumph Bobber. 


    The Triumph Bobber: A neo-retro masterpiece.
    Combining tradition and innovation, the Triumph Bobber stands out as a unique and high-performing motorcycle.

    Inspired by the Bobbers of yesteryear, it boasts a confident neo-retro style.
    Its, 1200cc twin-cylinder engine offers generous power and torque.
    Its maneuverability and powerful brakes ensure an exhilarating riding experience.
    Fully customizable, it adapts to all styles.
    The Triumph Bobber, a motorcycle for those seeking the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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