March 14, 2024


Below is the Renard R100 Cafe Racer created by Renard Motorcycles


Introduction to the BMW R100

The BMW R100 is one of BMW's legendary models, produced from 1976 to 1996, which continues to enjoy well-deserved popularity today.

Equipped with the iconic 980cc flat-twin air-cooled engine powered by two 32mm Bing carburetors, it offers impressive performance for its time (60 hp).

Its double cradle tubular steel frame and suspension consisting of a 35mm telescopic fork at the front and a twin shock swingarm at the rear ensure stable and comfortable handling.

Original BMW R100

Below is a 1977 R100 RS, source: Bonhams


The single-disc braking system at the front and rear, with 260mm discs at the front and 240mm at the rear, ensures adequate braking. This motorcycle can reach a top speed of 200 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds.

Appreciated for its reliability, handling, and comfort, the BMW R100 is a preferred choice as a base for building a cafe racer.

It is usable on a daily basis and a large number of parts are available on the market.

With a range of models including the R100/7, R100RS, R100RT, R100GS, and R100CS, this motorcycle has crossed decades and left its mark in motorcycle history. Whether for vintage enthusiasts or those looking for a reliable and high-performance motorcycle for a cafe racer project, the BMW R100 remains a top choice.

Our selection of the most beautiful BMW R100 cafe racers


We start with a BMW R100RT from 1981 created by the Spanish customizer Bolt Motor Co.

BMW R100 cafe racer


A lot of work has been done on this customization. Among the notable modifications:

  • RnineT chassis
  • Cafe racer fairing
  • Rear loop
  • Vertical mono-shock
  • Underseat 2-in-1 exhaust


WALWERK, a renowned customizer and even manufacturer in the BMW customization world.

In 2023, they presented the WalzWerk® Motorcycle Nr. 1000, the thousandth build they've accomplished. Hats off.


Let's now go to Lithuania with the customizer DIFFERS and a 1992 BMW R 100 R.

BMW R100 cafe racer

The list of modifications is incredibly long, and the result is breathtaking.

The small detail we love about this customization is the creation of the frame/loop that defines the bike's line. This frame follows the tank and the seat. Without its beautiful black boxer engine and shaft drive, it would be difficult to recognize.



This Krauser BMW R100 created by Warkot Motorcycles, a Polish customizer, has an old-school cafe racer style.

It retains the original fork, which has been lowered. A pair of clip-on handlebars has been installed on it.

It also kept its original headlight.

The rear loop has been replaced and equipped with a beautiful brown leather seat. The exhausts have also been changed to a short model.

Prepare your BMW R100 cafe racer with REMMOTORCYCLE

In addition to universal parts that can be installed on BMW R series like turn signals, lights, master cylinders, switches, etc..., Remmotorcycle offers parts tailored to the BMW R100:

  • Rear loop with or without integrated LED strip and cafe racer seat for dual lever model
  • Rear loop with or without integrated LED strip and cafe racer seat for mono lever
  • 340mm shock absorbers
  • Exhaust system
  • Homologated exhaust outlets
  • Short silencer with baffle
  • Clip-on handlebars
  • Aluminum rearset controls
  • Carbon fiber front fender
  • Carbon fiber rear fender
  • Carburetor bellmouth
  • Monza fuel cap
  • Carbon engine cover
  • Upper fork triple clamp

Our workshop REMLAB can also custom make a spoked front fork and wheel set as well as the spoked rear wheel.

All our Plug and Play parts for BMW R series are available here.

Now it's your turn! Which model inspires you the most?

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