Suzuki Bandit Cafe Racer

December 06, 2023

bandit cafe racer


No need to introduce the Bandit, right? The GSF is undoubtedly the motorcycle that has been the best-selling by Suzuki. This range, exclusively assembled with a 4-cylinder engine, is recognizable from afar thanks to its individual sound.

The popularity of this bike makes it very accessible, especially for us motorcycle customization enthusiasts!

The Bandit provides a very good base for preparing a cafe racer. And that's what we're going to present to you in this article along with our recommended parts to get you started on your project!

We won't be able to cover all Bandit models. We have chosen two popular models, the 600 Bandit and its big sister, the 1200cc.

Suzuki Bandit 600 Cafe Racer!

Can you still see your "good old" 600 Bandit cafe racer in the photo below?

This "RED Devil" was created by K-SPEED.

bandit cafe racer

Big transformation? Don't worry! We also have for you a less extreme model!

Here's an example with this 600 Bandit cafe racer kit created by Eduardo Luft.

Bandit 600 monster

The major transformation lies in changing the rear part of the bike, which comes from the Ducati Monster.

Now, onto the big sister, the 1200 Bandit cafe racer:

Here's one of our Belgian neighbors, DeepCreek Cycleworks, who created a magnificent cafe racer on this 1200cc Bandit:

DeepCreek Suzuki

If this color rings a bell, it's the bonbon red from the Mazda MX5.

 DeepCreek cafe racer

Abracadabra! Clip-on handlebars, round headlight, and here's a 1200 cafe racer!

 DeepCreek Bandit 600

Oh yes, I almost forgot! A rear loop with its single-seat saddle of course!

The story behind this transformation is fantastic! I invite you to visit to discover how this project came to life.

And now, what if we concocted a recipe for successfully transforming your Suzuki Bandit into a true cafe racer?! Here's what it could look like:


"The 'cafe racer base':

  • Clip-on handlebars or Clubman
  • Round front headlight
  • Grip
  • Handlebar end mirrors
  • Turn signals

The 'elegance':

  • Rear loop with integrated LED light
  • Mudguard
  • Suspension
  • License plate support
  • Brake and clutch levers

The 'unique':

  • Front fairing
  • Tank
  • Switch
  • Rear shell + saddle
  • Minimalist counter


You will find all these parts in our cafe racer parts section

All that's left is for you to dive in, don't forget to share your creations with us!

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