How to choose your motorcycle handlebar switch control ?

September 07, 2023

How to choose your motorcycle handlebar switch control ?

Definition: "The "motorcycle switches", also known as the "handlebar switch", is a set of controls located on the handlebars of a motorcycle.

These controls allow the rider to control various motorcycle functions without having to let go of the handlebars or leave a safe riding position".

In this article, we'll take a look at the motorcycle swithces to help you choose the model that's right for you!

You'll also see the advantages of Remmotorcycle 2.0 handlebar switch control, developed thanks to biker reviews.


What are the main functions of motorcycle switches?


The main functions generally controlled by motorcycle switches include :

  • Headlights: Motorcycle switches turn the motorcycle's headlights on and off. They can also be used to switch between low and high beam.


  • Engine killer: The circuit-breaker button on the switche cuts the motorcycle's power supply completely, often used to turn the motorcycle off completely when parked.


     Phare coupe circuit remmotorcycle 2.0

    • Horn: This is a sound device used to warn other road users of danger or to attract their attention.

    Klaxon démarrage commodo 

    • Start: The start button on the instrument panel starts the motorcycle's engine. For some brands, this button is used to change the engine mapping once the engine is running.

     commodo clignotant Rem 2.0

    • Turn signals: The motorcycle switche can be used to activate left or right turn signals to signal changes of direction to other road users.


    • Warning: Some motorcycle convenience units feature a "warning" button that simultaneously illuminates the left and right turn signals, indicating an emergency stop or dangerous situation. With our handle switch 2.0, press both turn signal buttons simultaneously to activate the function.

      Headlight call: On some models, there's a button for making brief headlight calls to other road users, usually to signal an intention to overtake.

      Please note that all the above functions must be functional at the time of motorcycle roadworthiness testing.

      Additional control buttons: Depending on the model of motorcycle, there may be buttons to activate special functions, such as suspension control, ABS (anti-lock braking system), traction control, etc. We reserve this button for your personal use only. We reserve this button for you at the rear of our 2.0 handle switche.



      Why change these handle switches?

      There may be several reasons why you need to change your motorcycle switches:

      • Wear: switches are wear parts that are frequently used on every motorcycle trip. Over time, buttons can wear out and lose their functionality, leading to malfunctions or degraded performance.

      • Damage: In the event of an accident or fall, switches can be damaged, rendering certain functions inoperative. In such cases, it is important to replace them to ensure the motorcycle's safety and functionality.

      • Electronic failures: Modern switches often incorporate electronic components to control some of the motorcycle's advanced functions. Electrical problems or electronic failures can occur, requiring the switches to be replaced to restore full motorcycle functionality.

      • Upgrading: Some riders may choose to upgrade their controls to more advanced or ergonomic models. Handle switch with additional functionality or improved grip can enhance the riding experience and convenience for the rider.

      • Customization: Some motorcyclists may also want to change the switches for aesthetic reasons, to match the style of their motorcycle or their personal preferences.

      Example of customization on Royal Enfield Interceptor"plug&play" available >here<




      How to choose these handle swiches control?


      The choice of motorcycle switches is important to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Here are a few points to consider when selecting your switches:

      Compatibility: Make sure that the diameter of the mounting bracket matches that of your handlebars. You can also choose "plug&play" switches, which will make assembly easier, as there will be no electrical wiring apart from plugging into the original sockets.

      Ergonomics: Convenience switches must be ergonomic and easy to use. They must be well positioned on the handlebars so that you can reach them easily without having to move your hands too much or leave a comfortable riding position.

      Example of an ergonomic switche control from Renard Speed Shop:

      Leviers Beringer Renard

      Thanks to these switches integrated into the brake and clutch levers, you'll be able to clean up your riding station!

      Stay connected, because at Remmotorcycle we're preparing a top-of-the-range set with our levers under development.

      • Build quality: Opt for high-quality swiches like our Remmotorcycle handle switches 2.0 version available >here< for 22mm or 25mm handlebars. Quality switche offer greater durability and better resistance to daily wear and tear.


      • Features: Check out the features available on handle switche. Choose those that integrate the essential controls for your riding style, such as turn signals, horn, low beam, etc. If you're looking for advanced features, make sure they're compatible with your bike and suit your needs.

      • Aesthetics: If aesthetics are important to you, choose switches that match the style of your motorcycle. Some models offer customization options to match your bike's overall design.

      Motogaget ultra-minimalist switche:

      Commodos motogaget

      • Installation: If you plan to do the installation yourself, make sure that the switche control come with clear instructions and that you have the necessary skills to carry out the replacement correctly. Otherwise, call in a professional mechanic for installation.


      By taking these factors into account, you'll be able to choose motorcycle switches that meet your specific needs, enhancing your riding experience while ensuring safety on the road.


      Handle switche control Remmotorcycle 1.0 on Norton :



      About PUSH BUTTON


      Using the Push Button is a real advantage in terms of ease of use and riding comfort. All the rider has to do is give a push to activate the function, and the system does the rest.

      In our case, the push button, or "MOM ON" as it's technically known, requires a module (e.g. Flash relay or M-Unit) to automatically manage the required function.

      These "simplified" modules let you manage the flasher without using the motorcycle's original flasher relay. The advantage is that you can easily use LED lighting, which will be handled by the original module.

      Among these simplified systems, the push-button-equipped motorcycle switche must be connected to an operating box such as Motogaget's M-Unit or Axel Jost module:

      • Push button with M-Unit Motogaget :

        M Unit motogaget

        The M-Unit module from Motogaget is a complete package, offering many more functions than just push buttons.

        You can manage all the functions available on your switches !

        It also lets you configure the use of its functions as you wish, thanks to your smartphone connection. For example, you can add the "hands-free" option to start your motorcycle simply by recognizing your cell phone near the module.

        • Push button with Axel joost Flash relay module:

          Axel joost flash relay

          Designed in Germany, this highly reliable system allows you to use push-button switches at lower cost.

          Simple to connect (instructions supplied), you'll have two choices for using your indicators:

          Choice 1: A "short" impulse and your flasher will stop after 3-4 flashes. A "long" impulse (approx. 1sec) will trigger the indicators for ten or so flashes before stopping automatically.

          Choice 2: One pulse, the flashers start. A second impulse ends the flashing.

          To use the warnings, simply press both turn signal buttons simultaneously. As with choice 2, they remain in operation until you decide to stop the function by pressing one of the two blinker buttons.

          This module has its limits, since it won't offer you all the functionalities of the Motogaget module.

          Remmotorcycle 2.0

          With our Remmotorcycle 2.0 handle switche control, we offer you a simple connection system with Axel Jojst's module. This kit is also ideal for "tighter" budgets, and for those who don't need all the functions provided by the M-unit. Our switches can also be connected to the Motogaget box.


          What is PLUG&PLAY?

          Plug and play assembly consists of offering a finished product ready for connection to the motorcycle, using the original connectors.

          This is a big advantage for assembly, as you don't need any technical skills.

          What's more, it saves you a lot of time. "Time is money?"

          At Remmotorcycle we can currently offer you the following motorcycles:

          • Royal Enfield Interceptor
          • Buell XB
          • Harley Davidson Sporster
          • Triumph Bonneville

          Make your request!


          What are the differences between Switches Remmotorcycle 1.0 and 2.0?

          1.0 vs 2.0


          • Improved ergonomics: Version 2.0 offers improved ergonomics, with better-positioned, easier-to-use buttons for more intuitive control of motorcycle functions. Like, for example, the right-hand blinker on the right-hand swiches, Harley Davidson-style.

            Customization: Handle switche 2.0 offer customization options to suit every rider's preferences and riding style. We'd love to hear from you!

            Aesthetic design: Particular attention to design aesthetics, with high-quality finishes and modern materials to enhance the overall appearance of the handle switches.

            Strength and durability: Handle controls 2.0 are designed to be stronger and more durable, offering greater reliability over longer periods of use.

            Ease of installation: Version 2.0 is designed for ease of installation, making it easier for motorcycle owners to install them themselves.

            Additional features: Depending on the evolution of technology and the needs of motorcyclists, handle control 2.0 can include new features and advanced controls at the customer's request.


          In short, switches 2.0 can be customized to suit your needs.


            What are the differences between switches Remmotorcycle 2.0 HD and V2 3 positions?

             Commodos Remm 2.0 V.2

            It's all in the title! It's just a different button configuration:

            - 2.0 HD for Harley Davidson = Separate turn signal

            - V.2 3 positions = Most popular version on 2-wheelers

            We also offer these versions with stainless steel buttons! The choice is yours!




            Discover state-of-the-art motorcycle handle switches control from Remmotorcycle, designed to give you an exceptional riding experience!

            Our switchs are carefully designed to fit your motorcycle perfectly, guaranteeing easy installation and smooth operation.

            Thanks to their optimal ergonomics, you'll be able to intuitively control all your bike's essential functions without leaving your comfortable riding position.

            In addition to their performance, our switchs are designed with aesthetics in mind, integrating harmoniously with the design of your motorcycle to give it an elegant, modern look.

            Make the right choice for your motorcycle, opt for Remmotorcycle 2.0 or V.2 motorcycle swiches and experience exceptional riding in complete safety.

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