Honda CB Cafe Racer

October 12, 2023

Honda CB Cafe Racer


The Honda CB is an iconic range of motorcycles made by Japanese manufacturer Honda.


Honda cb four

750 Four Hagerty Review 


It is renowned for its versatility, reliability and performance.

Easily found on the second-hand market at good prices, it's no exception to the customization craze, especially for Café racer-style conversions.


Popular model Honda CB café racer

There are many popular models of Honda CB motorcycles that have been transformed into cafe racers over the years.

The choice of model often depends on the owner's preferences and the availability of motorcycles on the market.

However, some Honda CB models are more commonly used as the basis for cafe racers due to their popularity and potential for customization.


Here are some of these flagship Honda cafe racer models:

  • Honda CB750: The Honda CB 750 seven fifty, in particular the cafe racer CB 750 Four, is one of the most iconic motorcycles in motorcycle history. It is often chosen as the basis for cafe racers because of its robust design and in-line four-cylinder engine.

CB750 café

Honda CB750 cafe racer 1993 by HB CUSTOM


  • Honda CB550: The Honda CB 500 cafe racer is a lighter, more maneuverable bike than the Honda CB 750 cafe racer, making it a popular choice for honda cb cafe racer. It has classic looks and a four-cylinder engine, making it an ideal base for customization.


Radical transformation of a Honda CB500 café racer


These models are popular because of their availability on the used bike market and their potential for customization.


Technical aspects of modification

Cafe racer motorcycles are known for their vintage look, minimalist aesthetics and retro design.


Here are some common modifications found on a Honda CB Cafe Racer:

  • Customized frame: cafe racers often have a modified or customized frame to give the bike a more aggressive, streamlined look. Mainly, the u frame of the bike is replaced to accommodate the cafra saddle.

Boucle arriére café racer


  • Low handlebars (bracelet handlebars): Clip-on or clubman handlebars are commonly used to achieve a more forward-leaning riding position, which is characteristic of cafe racers.

guidon café racer

  • Café racer saddle: Cafe racers usually have a single, small, minimalist seat, often with a hump or shell at the rear for a classic look.

Selle café racer

  • Fuel tank: The Gas tank is often modified or replaced by a smaller, sleeker tank to achieve the classic cafe racer look.

Réservoir café racer

  • Exhaust: Muffler-type exhaust systems are added to enhance the bike's performance and give it a unique sound. Pictured here is a popular "megaphone" model.

Echappement café racer

  • Vintage headlights: Cafe racers usually feature retro-style components, such as round headlights, minimalist instrumentation and design elements reminiscent of 1960s motorcycles.

Feu avant café racer 


In conclusion, transforming a Honda CB into a cafe racer is much more than simply customizing a bike. It's an artistic process that skilfully blends nostalgia for classic motorcycles with the quest for performance and style.

Each cafe racer is a unique work of art, a creation that reflects the vision and personality of its owner.

Remmotorcyle offers a wide range of parts to transform your Honda CB into a true café racer! Don't hesitate to contact us!

Send us photos of your honda CB café racer!

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