Fazer Cafe Racer

December 06, 2023

Fazer Cafe Racer

Transforming your Yamaha Fazer into a café racer is an excellent way to personalize your bike and make it unique.

A café racer is a type of motorcycle that emerged in the 1960s in the United Kingdom and was designed for speed and agility.

The style is characterized by a minimalist design with a low, elongated profile, often featuring streamlined fairings, clip-on handlebars, and a single-seat saddle. The goal is to "strip down" the bike to make it as lightweight as possible!

To transform your Fazer into a café racer, you'll need to make several modifications to the bike's appearance and performance.

Here are some recommendations for your Fazer café racer:

  • Clip-on handlebars
  • Handlebar end mirrors
  • Single-seat saddle
  • Windshield for pilot protection
  • Minimalist speedometer
  • Sport brakes and clutch


You can see all our cafe racer parts. 

You can also change the exhaust system to give your Fazer 600 café racer a more aggressive sound and install a new fuel tank to enhance its performance.

Finally, you can complete the transformation by giving your bike a custom paint job and adding your personal touches, making your Fazer café racer truly unique.

For inspiration, here are some realizations:

Cindy's Fazer café racer

Here's Cindy's Fazer 600 café racer! Article available on unpneudanslatombe.com

Notice the vintage touch with brown leather band grips, "Army" color, handlebar end mirrors, single-seat saddle, and the round front headlight (LED version for a touch of modernity)!

600 fazer cafe racer

The Fazer 600 café racer featured on rocket garage! The pilot protection windshield, available on our site, and a single-seat saddle usable for two!

Fazer body kit

A Fazer 600 café racer Kit? Yes, it's a body kit with all the necessary fixings. Want a kit for your Fazer café racer? Contact us!

Fazer 600 café racer

Our team is here to offer you the best advice! Contact us via Remmotorcycle Chat, email, or through social media.

In conclusion, transforming a Yamaha Fazer into a café racer is an exciting project that requires skills and attention to detail, but the final result is a unique and stylish motorcycle that provides an enjoyable and personalized riding experience.

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