Do you know the "TRUE" Bagger Style?

July 26, 2023

Do you know the "TRUE" Bagger Style?

Discover this 100% American style through our Belgian friend Philippe Ghilain's crazy "Big Wheel" Bagger preparation!



The Bagger big wheel motorcycle is a style of custom motorcycle popular in the USA. This type of motorcycle is characterized by a large front wheel, generally 26 inches to 34 inches, and a body that stretches like a long wedding dress, creating a distinctive, imposing look.

The term "bagger" refers to motorcycles fitted with saddlebags at the rear, making them suitable for long trips and road travel. These saddlebags offer practical storage space for luggage, enabling bikers to set off on their journeys with everything they need.

The most striking feature of the big wheel bagger is its oversized front wheel, giving the bike a bold, aggressive look. The big wheel is often combined with a stretched front fork style, further enhancing the bike's imposing appearance.

In addition to its unique appearance, the bagger big wheel generally offers a comfortable, stable ride over long distances. Bikes of this type are often fitted with high-quality air suspension.

There are three main styles of Bagger preparation:

1 - Bagger big wheel: which we're going to introduce to you in this Remmotorcycle blog.


Photo "Fury custom"


2 - Bagger fat wheel (fat tire): With a very wide front tire, giving it a very muscular look.


"SouthEast Custom" 


3 - Bagger performance : Un 2 roues aux codes contradictoires qui participe aux courses moto "King of baggers" impressionnantes.


Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Team




Phillippe Ghilain, aka "Phil Ghil", shares his passion for the "real" American bagger with us, through an inordinate amount of preparation.

It all started in 2020 with the purchase of the bike. Phil chose a popular base for the bagger, a Harley Davidson Road glide. Then came the purchase of parts, mainly from the USA.

The project had been in the works for a long time, and this wasn't Phil's first Harley bagger. It was entirely assembled by Walskap Choppers, considered an artist in his field!





It took no less than 15 months of work to achieve this result.



Count on an investment of at least $70,000, including the purchase of the motorcycle, the purchase of parts and assembly, which requires a few adaptations, as shown in the photo below:


Phil Ghil shares his passion for bagger through his Facebook page CBO - Custom Bagger Operation.

You'll find heavy, heavy stuff! Despite weighing an unreasonable 400 kg, these bikes are as much to be ridden as admired!

We invite you to visit his page, where you'll find other exceptional Big Wheels. If you'd also like to take a closer look at the insane work done on his GP TOY motorcycle, there's a special album dedicated to him.



Thank you Phil Ghil for sharing your passion for motorcycle customization with us through your incredible style!

Just one more to follow him on Instagram:




Let us know in the comments if you'd like to take the plunge too!



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