Brixton cromwell 1200

July 13, 2023

Brixton cromwell 1200

After this article, Brixton motorcycles, and in particular the Cromwell 1200 model, will leave you in no doubt!

We won't mention the small cylinder Brixton 125 cc. Despite the hype surrounding the Brixton 125 cc, it's time for the big sister to have her day in the sun.


The neo-retro Brixton Cromwell 1200 is an icon of the Brixton Motorcycles brand.

It embodies the perfect blend of timeless retro design and modern performance. The Cromwell 1200 takes its name from London's famous Brixton district, associated with a dynamic, rebellious urban culture.

With its café racer styling, the Brixton Cromwell 1200 has a classic, uncluttered aesthetic.


Its elegant fuel tank, contoured seat and low handlebars give the bike a sporty, aggressive look. With its meticulous finish and quality details, it will appeal to both retro and modern motorcycle enthusiasts.

The tachymeter fits neatly into a simple but complete dashboard, complete with side USB socket. Choose between eco and sport riding modes.

Beneath its retro aesthetic lies a powerful, high-performance motorcycle. The Cromwell 1200 is powered by a 1222 cm3, water-cooled, 4-stroke, twin-cylinder in-line engine rated at around 61 kw and 108 Nm of torque. The result is more than adequate mid-range acceleration.

Thanks to its advanced ride-by-wire technology, it ensures a smooth and pleasant ride, whether in town or on more winding roads.

cromwell 1222

In terms of features, the Brixton Cromwell 1200 is equipped with a range of modern components.

These include LED headlights for improved visibility, a digital instrument panel for clear display of essential information, and advanced braking systems for optimum safety.






Who makes Brixton motorcycles?

Brixton motorcycles are manufactured by KSR Group GmbH of Austria. KSR Groupis an industrial group specializing in the manufacture and distribution of motorcycles, scooters and other mobility-related products.

They acquired the Brixton Motorcycles brand and are responsible for the design, development and production of Brixton motorcycles.

The collaboration between Brixton Motos and KSR Group combines Austrian engineering expertise. All this with the brand's British style and identity.



You swear you've come across a Bonneville T120?

Triumph purists be damned, the land of the rising sun has struck again. While the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 may not be a direct competitor in terms of looks, the Triumph Bonneville t120 may have found a real rival.

For those who want more information, you can find a detailed test on But then we'd like to know where its shortcomings lie?

The equipment on the GK1200 (other name for the Cromwell 1200) is still top-notch. For example, one of the "major" differences is the hydraulic disc brake with abs 2x disc-ø310mm, fitted with Nissin calipers instead of the Brembo used on the T120. KYB to suspension and BOSH to fuel system.

Sure values to compete with the quality of a Triumph.

However, the Cromwell features a larger fuel tank (giving it a kerb weight of 235kg) and more modern electronics

So why so little criticism? Cock-a-doodle-doo! Three French designers shaped this Cromwell 1200.

An Austrian company, French designers, equipment that has nothing left to prove, and production in China. This is surely the recipe for a well-balanced motorcycle. 


Customize a Brixton Cromwell 1200 


A Brixton Cromwell 1200 has a nice original look. This can be enhanced by adding a few accessories.

Indeed, just like the TRIUMPH Bonneville or Royal Enfiel Interceptor 650, it's possible to make superb scrambler, bratstyle or café racer creations based on a Cromwell 1200.

Remmotorcycle offers a wide range of plug and play products for this model:

Find here all products 


It's easy to prepare because it's well constructed. For example, the rear loop is designed to be easily modified without cutting the frame.

Below is an example of a street scrambler:



This BAAK preparation features the following elements:

  1. Seat + U frame + Remmotorcycle plate holder
  2. Short Exhaust
  3. Engine protection
  4. P700 Headlight
  5. Aluminium fender
  6. Aluminium side plate & travel bag (soon available) 


Here's a video to listen to the sound with the short exhaust:


In a different style, here's a cafe racer:

cromwell 1222

Equipped with a cafe racer headset, cafe racer seat, full wheels and cafe racer handlebars, this is a totally transformed Brixton.




The presentation of the new Brixton Cromwell 1200 is a success, with an eye-catching design, easy handling and a characteristic, pleasant engine! The chassis is solid... It's undeniably a success in terms of dynamics, with the exception of a slightly perceptible firmness. Even a small improvement, such as the seat, would be a step forward.

Admittedly, the Brixton brand doesn't speak as much to motorcycle enthusiasts as brands such as Triumph, Moto Guzzi or Harley-Davidson, which have decades of experience. 

What's more, this bike is a very good basis for preparation and customization.

What do you think of this bike? Tell us in the comments.



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