bmw K100 cafe racer: The most beautiful projects

March 21, 2024

bmw K100 cafe racer: The most beautiful projects


The K series starts in 1983 with the K100. It's a revolution for BMW Motorrad, no more motorcycles left behind by the Japanese.

The K100 introduces a longitudinal four-cylinder engine and the "Compact Drive System" technology that combines the entire powertrain with the engine, gearbox bolted directly to the engine, and the proven single-sided swingarm with integrated driveshaft.

K100 1983

The 987cc engine of the K100 develops 90 horsepower. It will even go up to 100 horsepower once the 4-valve technology is integrated.

Several variants will be offered similar to the R series like the RS, RT, and LT.

The BMW K100 is accompanied in 1985 by its little sister, the K75. It is equipped with a 740cc engine developing 75 horsepower.

The continuation of the K series arrives in 1991 with the K1100 having a 1092cc engine developing 100 horsepower.

Finally, the last BMW K series is the K1200 released in 1996. It has a 1171cc engine going up to 130 horsepower.

In the K series, notable is the presence of the incredible BMW K1, a UFO in the pure style of the 80s.


Customizations based on BMW K series


The K100, also called the "brick" because of its shape.

There are many beautiful customizations on this base.

The general trend (which gives a lot of character to these customizations) is the installation of a horizontal shock absorber at the rear, a specific aluminum subframe, an inverted fork, and spoked wheels.


K100 - cafe4racer

This is what we find on the customizations we have selected:

blw cafe racer

The first one is a private build shared on the cafe4racer blog in BMW Motorsport colors.

All modifications make it very modern.

Important elements on this bike:

  • Inverted fork
  • Rear loop assembly
  • Cafe racer tail
  • 4-into-1 exhaust
  • Spoked wheels


Retrorides - K100

A new K100 with a DNA common to the previous:

blw cafe racer

This is a Brazilian customization by the customizer Retrorides.

They are behind the rear mono shock system found on many customized K100s.

We like the use of a traditional handlebar that breaks the modern dynamic of the bike.

We also like the tulips installed for the air intake.


K101 Gatermann

Now onto the K101 Gatermann created by the artist Fabian Gatermann.

blw cafe racer

Simple lines and a very assertive character.
We find this LED headlight highly appreciated for the K100s, the 4-into-1 exhaust, and the spoked wheels.

Work has been done on the rear loop to make it more harmonious and to integrate this beautiful tail cowl.


Motoism K100 : L'énervée


The last one is a custom K100 built by the German workshop Motoism (a subsidiary of the Drags & Racing Club workshop).

This custom is titled "L'énervée." It is a rather muscular variation, we like the big tires used.

This K100 is also remarkable for its beautiful finish and the high-quality materials used.



The K100 is a perfect base for customization. Its shape gives it a unique character.

Its frame is easy to work with, and its four-cylinder engine has great potential.

The K100 is a sure value for customization enthusiasts, with many possibilities for evolution and modification.

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