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Set U frame Rebuilt + seat for CX500 cafe racer


Change radically the look of your bike

Comfortable seat

Customizable product









Discover this beautiful U frame set + seat designed for HONDA CX500 cafe racer

This corresponds to the dimensions of the rear U frame.

It is provided with a cutting plane for the original U frame.

It thus suffices to cut the U frame and welding the new U frame.


cx500 cafe racer kitperfectto turn your CX500scrambler, bratstyleor cafe racer.


It is made up of U framespecial developed by our craftsmanfor this model. It measures 28 mm in diameter, as part of the cx500 cafe racer. The U frame is raised to 20 °.


The U frame is available with a LED stripin the back U frame to fit the look even more awesome.

LED strip installed on the model presented is a LED strip flashing marquee.


Seatoverlooks the U frame. It is easily removablethanks to the supports installed on the U frame.

The seat is made hand.

This can be Customat the Colorand seam.

The seat can be replaced by an aluminum-type coffee seat racer.


Example customizationseat brown with diamond so seams and integrated sequential strip.





Material: Aluminum seat bottom foam + + PU coating

Color: Black


U frame

Material: Alu

Color: Alu

Installation examples:

Here is a copy of a cx500 cafe racerbeing installed by Wheel & amp; bears:

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Work in progress 🏍🏍🏍 @remmotorcycle @ honda_cx_500 @wheelsandbears #caferacer # honda500cx
A publication shared by Rattle David Photography(@david_hdphoto) December 26 2019 to 10: 55 PST

After welding:

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But ... why I have half the frame of Cx 😂😂😂 to dry me, it slowly but surely advance !!! welding frame end, then manufacturing the battery tray and electronic blasting before sending and Painting!!!
A publication shared by Rattle David Photography(@david_hdphoto) on 20 Feb. 2020 to 10: 30 PST


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The # CX500 David advance 👍🏻 We continue today with CAFRA 500cx So back U frame is finally sealed, the battery tray and various electronics (motogadget) is also ready 😍, another side engine preparation for the black high temperature paint, disassembly of the radiator and the connection between the two cylinders, I could not remove the fan because I do not have the hard right, so we attack cleaning, and to the below ... go back all that 😂😂😂 Next step, finish cleaning the engine, prepare and paint, move the frame, wheels, fuel tank and various pieces sandblasting paint!!!
A publication shared by wheelsandbears(@wheelsandbears) 8 March 2020 to 7: 28 PDT


Note: This product is made to order according to your requirements.the production time depends on the period. Please ask us for more information.