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Motorcycle Rear Buckle with Integrated LED Strip Flat or Raised Dia. 25 mm


  • Buckle ready to be installed
  • Hand made
  • 2 types available
  • A unique style
  • Perfect integration

Discover our famous motorcycle back buckle with its integrated LED strip

If you want to install a new seat or modify the shape of your bike, this product is ideal.

The buckle is a part to be fixed on the back of the motorcycle to close the frame.

It allows you to make the rear part of the motorcycle more aesthetic.

Our model has the particularity of housing a LED strip on the rear part.

Thus, the LED strip allows to replace the turn signals, the rear light and the STOP light of origin.

This integration allows you to create a minimalist style by removing all the unsightly elements.

This style is very popular and understandably so given the great look it gives the bike.

Video demonstration :



This model of motorcycle rear buckle is available in several widths: from 205 mm to 270 mm.

The length is from 25 to 30 cm.

As well as in 2 versions : flat or raised.

The choice of the dimension depends on your frame. (more details below).

Concerning the version, it depends on your future saddle and the style you want to give to your bike.

Here are some explanations about the buckle.

In picture, a short buckle :

The buckle is fixed at the back of the frame and allows to close it. To make it aesthetic.

The dimensions expressed correspond to the following dimensions :

Caution: The width expressed is the external width, distance between the ends on each side.

This model is also available in 22 mm diameter

The correspondence of the wires is as follows :

Red: brake lights

White: position lights

Yellow: left turn signal

Green: right turn signal

Black: negative

Example of installation :


Note :

It should be noted that the product is made of raw steel, so it may have the presence of rust. This does not affect the use or installation.

It may be advisable to install resistors if your tail lights are bulb-operated.

Similarly for the turn signals, if the 4 turn signals are LED, we advise to install a central LED turn signal or resistors if the front turn signals are bulbs.

Some sizes are produced to order.

Delivery time for stock products is 1-2 days, and 10-15 days for products requiring production.

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