Exhaust Muffler DISC with Bracket Rail


  • Tone adjustable
  • Quiet disc
  • Higher quality
  • Exclusive Product REMMOTORCYCLE
  • Simplified installation with the bracket rail 








Your exhaust is damaged or it does not match your expectations in style materials?

Remmotorcycle offers exclusive exhaust DISC type with silencer end cap CNC aluminum.


This exhaust is ideal for transforming a motorcyclein cafe racer, in tracker, in scrambler, custom or bratstyle .

Exhaust by design stands out from the standard exhaust. Indeed, there are multiple disks to the end supported by a CNC aluminum flat and 6 BTR screws type.

So the exhaust gas not pass the disk to exit. This system provides a unique sound.

The other advantage of this exhaust pouvoir adjust the volume sound via the number of installed disk. The more disks installed, plus the gases have place to escape. Thus the noise is more important.

Conversely, the fewer disks on the quieter, the exhaust gases are compressed and reduces noise.

You can set the exhaust for the best ratio noise /performance.

This system also allows to happen baffle told DB killer.

This model is available in two versions: A short version of 10.62 in (27 cm) long or a long version 13.38 in (34 cm) long.

The choice of length is defined according to the look you want to give your motorcycle and the position of it.

The branch exhaust is 2.08 in (53 mm), it is provided with an adapter of 2.08 in to 1.49 in (53 mm to 38 mm).

It will fit on 1.49 in to 2.08 in (38 mm to 53 mm).

If the diameter of your tube exhaust is different, we seek and find you adapter for installation serenely.

Exhaust is sold with a clamp and an exhaust carrier rail.

This is a variant of the model with a fixed support. 

This product has a rail and support rod. Thus it allows greater ease of installation and the ability to install on all motorcycles.

The flat with aluminum toe cap CNC may be available in black on request.

In addition, the exhaust has two brackets 2 and springs for maximum strength.


  • Length: 10.62 or 13.38 in (27 or 34 cm)
  • Diameter max: 3.93 in (10 cm)
  • Connection diameter: 2.08 in ( 53 mm) with 1.49 in to 2.08 in adapter  (38 mm - 53 mm)


Image dimensions: 


Example installation video (standard model):


Other examples of installation (standard):


Note: Available within 7-9 days